The world's fastest computers

Twice a year the operators of the world's fastest computers eagerly await their latest ranking compiled by the Top500 project. The chart is based on the maximum rate at which a computer can crunch numbers using what are called floating point operations. November's list has just been released: enjoy the gallery of the five fastest calculators on the planet.

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Cosquae3335d ago

"Tianhe, which means "river in the sky", is housed at the National Super Computer Center, Tianjin, and is more than four times faster than the previous top computer in the country. The computer combines 6144 Intel processors with 5120 graphics processing units made by AMD, normally found in computer graphics cards."

...but how well can it run Crysis?

Leadweight3335d ago

that game was a big but beautiful mistake....

Fishy Fingers3335d ago

1280x768 medium-high settings no AA.


Cosquae3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Not sure how it could be classed as a mistake?

Set the benchmark for computer graphics for the past 3 years almost.

Drove PC graphics hardware sales probably more than any game.

Despite high piracy rates,still made a profit. Without it CryEngine 3 wouldn't be made either. Games that are mistakes rarely get sequels too. Not saying it's perfect, the gameplay isn't to everyone's tastes and it showed cryengine 2 could use some optimisation, but in a world of multiplats and console limited PC games, it showed what could be done.

@1.2 I bet it still struggles to get 30 fps even then ;)

Leadweight3335d ago

mistake as in it didnt allow compatibility with computers of the time right out the box.the best games of the last decade didnt leave it to chance and added scalability.this game was horrific when scaled low,so was far cry.the only way i got to see the game in all its glory(without having to dish out another 400 bucks) were the HD videos on youtube....

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TABSF3335d ago

Well me thinks Fermi will be locking up the top ten supercomputers for next years Top 500 SC

raWfodog3335d ago

...we get these powerful machines on our desks? 50, 100 years?

Imagine the games you could design on them... :)

dkgshiz3335d ago

like valve for instance.

Pandamobile3335d ago

Valve's already working on new tech. It's not really that the PS3 was too complicated for Valve, it just wasn't beneficial for them to port to a foreign architecture that will never be used by PC's.

Valve said they're already working on stuff for Intel's Larrabee and that will lead in to GPGPU computing which is the future of processing.

Aquarius3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Are these computers faster than the human brain?

Cosquae3335d ago

Only at what they've been programmed to do.

Faster at calculating the answer to math problems. Yes.

Faster at figuring out what's for dinner. No.

YoungKiller253335d ago

techniqally yes they are smater than the human brain but the way i look at it is:

whos stronger the bully who kicks your a$$ everyday or the person who tells him to.

computers cant think so they will never be smarter

mrv3213335d ago

I bet it's used just for Gold Farming.

SuperStrokey11233335d ago

I can assure you that someone made some gold with this lol

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