Wii sales dipped Thanksgiving week

Nintendo reports 550,000 consoles sold in US during important November 22-28 window; DS Lite, DSi set new handheld record with combined 1-million-unit haul.

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sunday_times3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

...and they also sold more units than the other HD consoles.

So much for the Nintendo Wii being doomed this holiday season.

Apocalypse Shadow3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

it's just that it doesn't have any mega hit core games for adults who grew up on nintendo and bought zelda,metroid and mario.the new core is none of those gamers anymore.

the system pretty much sells itself to women and grandmas.

i was flipping through the channels and saw the system being sold on HSN like it was a fitness machine.totally different than what i grew up with.but even then i was always waiting for nintendo to release their games in a timely fashion.after nes,snes,GB,gba,nds and 3 gamecubes,i was done with them.

but what's even more funny,i expect microsoft to follow the same route with things like HSN with natal.totally casual mini games and fitness.when beyonce wants to make a game,you know we're not in kansas anymore.especially if her future game sells more than games like metroid:another m.

but good sales for nintendo.hiroshi yamauchi would be proud(if you don't know him,you're too young to ask)

ChickeyCantor3337d ago

"no one said wii was doomed"

And you are not after Sarah conner right? XD.

Seriously though...

Apocalypse Shadow3337d ago

i was after john conner to smoke his @ss and change the future.

did you see me chase him down on foot after his motorcycle?nearly ran that insect over until he got a little help from a shot gun toting bike rider.

ChickeyCantor3337d ago

Ah my mistake,i think Sarah is a far more cooler character:
From Scream B*tch to Killer mom.

Bias for the win.

Lifendz3337d ago

is not much a drop off at all. Still sold the best of the three.

Fierce Musashi3337d ago

The Fanboys, Wii Bashers/Haters, Trolls, & Biased People.

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Redempteur3337d ago

Well 500k sales are still a good score .

Ju3337d ago

...but 300k lower than last year. Quite a dip, I think.

EvilTwin3337d ago

"...but 300k lower than last year. Quite a dip, I think."

Yes, it is a dip. It's for a console that is also on its third year. 550K is still a big haul, and the Wii will likely remain as the best-selling console for the month. That's impressive.

The thing caught lightning in a bottle once, and that success isn't going to be replicated. You can't engineer a sales phenomenon in a marketing meeting.

Ju3337d ago

Hm, yeah, numbers are still good. But its also a trend going downwards. And, the number barely stayed on a level above the competition with drastic measures like the $50 price cut (and still an up to $100 price advantage). If the trend continues (and I have no doubt it will), those numbers will only continue to decline.

Wallonsi3337d ago

I think i read somewhere that the PS3 sold around 440k units during black friday, so not bad aswell :), not sure about Xbox's numbers tho.

Douchefella13337d ago

Why is Wii selling so much? It sucks.

What is so fun about swinging a Wii remote controller? It's one of the worst thing invented. F*CK THAT S*IT.

The console has like 5 good games, while PS3 and Xbox 360 has like 20+ great games. Wii sucks, it's nothing good about it.

Those who disagree are stupid.

xaviertooth3337d ago

then wait next year till bots swing their arms like idiots.

bots: it's like the greatest thing dude!

EpsilonTeam3337d ago

WTF? people deserve what they get.

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