R18+ Rating For Games Rally in Brisbane (Australia) on 5 December

OXCGN: reminds gamers about the rally this Saturday:

"If YOU want games to be passed here in Australia that all other countries get, have the games rated in accordance with similar age rating levels overseas, and have more mature games clearly marked in an adult-only rating so parents have no excuse not to be more aware, then this issue IS something that ALL Australian gamers need to get behind."

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REALgamer3429d ago

And it's about time the people in parliament realize gamers actually exist, despite the fact that people who DON'T play games are a tiny minority.

If governments work as representative of the people, why is it 91% of all Australians (gamers or not!) want an R18+ rating? I'm sick of getting cut down versions of games such as L4D2 or Dark Sector, and I'm sure the rest of the world is getting sick of putting up with worldwide edits such as Fallout 3 just because Australia has an archaic ratings system that still treats games as children's toys.

I'll be at the rally.

MurderMyDoll3429d ago

I'll possibly see you at the rally, I can't stand this country seriously if I could leave it I would, which I possibly may be able to next year. I can't stand Australias sports people are the only people who can be important crap, in music films and especially games we get screwed over, if you needed an R18+ rating to go see a rugby game the government would do it in a second, they need to realize that some of the populous do actually have interests outside of what's 'true blue aussie'.

RedSky3429d ago

Everyone on the net seems to believe that having an R18+ rating would mean games like Fallout 3 and L4D2 would not get edits, but they're most likely wrong.

If we do get such a rating, it will likely be only able to be sold in Adult Only shops as is the case in the US, or otherwise will still mean a huge drop in revenue because it would be restricting a significant demographic.

Remember how swearing and blood was cut from Die Hard 4? Studios or in this case game distributors will simply edit their games down for sales revenue. Since introducing an R18+ rating would likely have no to little bearing on how the classification board makes decisions, games like Fallout 3 or L4D2 will likely be released in the form of crippled versions regardless.

BadCircuit3429d ago

I'm a teen, so under the MA15 age even, but my father knows a lot about gaming so he only lets me play games that he thinks are suitable, no matter what rating.

My friends can play whatever they want because their parents don't think MA15 is that mature. There are lots of movies that aren't a big deal in that rating so parents don't get that some mature games are let in under that. Some of those games are rated R18 overseas.

I'd rather my friends not get to play those games because I don't!!!

gaminoz3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

@ BadCircuit

LOL...horrible when parents knows about games, hey?

The issue is inconsistency: some MA15 games should be R18 (and are overseas as you say) but some of the banned or changed games (Risen? Dark Sector?) are not even as violent or 'mature' as some that get passed.

An R18 rating definitely would get more parents' attention and make it illegal for minors to buy. Sure some will get them still, but they can still get banned ones too from overseas.

It shouldn't be a board of non-gamers deciding what is worse than what: it's the adult gamers who usually know more about them. Besides most of the democratic world does it this way.

XboxOZ3603429d ago

Our rating system is a complete joke, and Australia is a huge joke when it comes to rating as far as the wolrd ratings systems and publisghers are concerned.

After speaking with many developer heads, and lead developers and publishers here, that have been invited over from major overseas companies, they are astounded that the games they clearly make for adults or mature audience, ie: 17-18 etc are being seen legally by 13-14-15-16 and even 17yr old, but more so with the earlier ages.

Many have said if they had their kids here, they would not allow them to play the games they themsleves have made or developed, because their kids were not the target audience.

That is a parent taking responsibility for their children's upbringing.

Here in Australia, the Government, one State Attorney in particular, believe Parents can not nor should not make those choices, and his vote stops Australian parents from having a say in what their kids should see and what they as parents can see.

Wee are the laughing stock of the world in that regard . . and in many other areas around censorship and ratings.

Games that are rated 18 overseas get passed here, some with more graphical detail than those refussed classification. I've shown parents the exact same game, one published locally and one published and sold overseas (Condemned 1 and 2 as an example - which is just one t=of thetiotles I use as an example with parents)

They are completely dumbfounded when I say that the game from overseas is the exact same game as the one they have just purchased for ttheir 14-15yr old . . .as for them, seeing the MA15+ rating simply means that "iot can't be all that bad if it has 15 on it - WRONG.

It is wrongly labled, we HAVE the rating system in place, nothing has to change, all 6 styates want it changed, 91% of the public want it changed, yet one many and his 'group' think the complete opposite, and even inthe face of a newspaper poll on his comments and the exact question in his local area, he STILL believed the parents were wrong, and uses his position to stop anything going forward.

Tis would never happen in the UK, US, Canada or any other major free-thinking country, but it happens here - why??

Because Australian;'s are bone lazy, want everyone else to do the work for them and can not be bothered getting off their collective backsides and making a stand, it';s just, well - un-Australian.

Then they have the hide to complain when further restictions are placed on things. Go figure that one out.

If you're in Australia, and want to make a difference, speak with your votes, speak with your feet and speak to your local member. As without a voice, we will achieve absolutely NOTHING.

Korda3429d ago

I'll be there in spirit.

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