Halo 3 Design an Emblem Contest Winner!

Bungies past Halo 3 Emblem Contest's winner has been picked. Halo fan Noah Watkin's "Pirate" emblem has been picked. In that case his emblem will be futured in the retail game of Halo 3 when it hits stores Sept. 25th.

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reaperxciv4156d ago

i can easily be embroidered on a shoulder patch...

AcidRhain4156d ago

Good design I guess, but there must have been better entries.

Numark4156d ago

yea, it is decent.

But honestly no one must care about this contest, as there would have been better entries. And that is not a shot at halo or bungie in anyway, just my opinion. As i do like the halo series.

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