Square Enix teases us with upcoming Kingdom Hearts news

A short interview was conducted with some members of the Square Enix PR department by the folks over at RPGamer. While there isn't that much truly invigorating information, we thought it'd be nice to bring you up to speed on some of the anticipated titles that, we hope, make their way onto the PS3. ....

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Odion4566d ago

lol squares going to bring Kingdom Hearts to the 360!!!!

lol jk

MastaGT4566d ago

...was that supposed to be funny? looks like your the only one that laughed at your idiotic comment

XxZxX4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

oohhh looks like u hit the spot on someone else. He get so upset that he can't sleep.

but but to be fair, dont count XBOX 360 out yet. If Last Remenant do good in XBOX 360 than PS3, you bet it will come. Just don't put home on FF. It's a lost cause. I bet sakaguchi weeping. But if it exclusive to Wii, I will join you sakaguchi on weeping too. I dont want to play current-gen graphics Kingdom hearts.

Honeal2g4566d ago

"lol squares going to bring Kingdom Hearts to the 360!!!! "

lmao that was a good one ... dont listen to ppl like MastaGt ther A$$holes ...for no apparant reason just felt like attacking you...if square wont release final fantasy on 360 i doubt they would release kingdom hearts but IF they did phew i would be saving 599. o well $hit happens i mean look at MastaGt...(had to doit)

Counter_ACT4566d ago

This interview looks fake...

Not only that, they mention Square "confirming an FF MMO for 360" while this has been contradicted by the versus xiii producer who said theres no planned FF on xbox 360...

iceice1234566d ago

Remember how Sony asked Ubi to keep it a secret that Assassin's creed was multi-platform? Yeah, same thing here. Unless they don't like making money anymore.

omansteveo4566d ago

Is it just me but the Kingdom Hearts games are boring....the epic battles are nice but all the crap in between sucks.

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