Next-gen game over already for Xbox 360 in Japan?

When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in Japan last year it hoped things were going to get better for its games business in the country. The market, home of Sony's PlayStation console, had already proved to be a tough one for Microsoft, with the original Xbox thoroughly outsold by the PlayStation 2. Nevertheless, it thought that the early start the 360 had over the PlayStation 3 would give it the upper hand in the next round of the video game wars.

After all, the Xbox 360 was the first next-generation console to launch. It was the first to support high-definition games and it debuted when HDTV sales were booming. Microsoft had also brought in some big-name Japanese game developers to produce games with greater appeal to a local audience.

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Marty83706165d ago

X360 not having a sizable chuck of the Japanese market could put X360 in last place nex gen.

TheXgamerLive6165d ago

Japan is only a small part of it and I wanna say and i promise that the XBOX 360 will improve greatly in sales by mid spring 2007 based on the upcoming games so it's ok that japan will be the slow stepchild to come round. The rest of the world will be playing with the "Power of the X" and a few will be bottlenecking with the uhmm power of the ps3, lol !!!!!

Dick Jones6165d ago

They figure that out all by themeselves? Or just repeating whats been said even before 360 launched?

AIan6165d ago

I remember hearing a MS person say YES Japan is important but we just released in India and China... both have a BILLION people... Japan is only a slice of the pie.... People put too much importance in Japan.

Daewoodrow6165d ago

Microsoft know that japan rejecting the console will not hurt console sales in the long run. They'll just reduce the number of consoles shipping there accordingly. They just want to put pressure on the PS3 on its own turf, that's the only reason they still support the region.

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