Gamernode: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

Gamernode writes: "It's been three long years since our last encounter with 2.5D Mario on the DS, in a game that surprised and pleased us all. The classic gameplay felt fresh on the portable with the new visual spin and updated controls, and the high sales numbers reflect the quality of the product. Sure, the DS outing wasn't without its problems -- being too easy with some mildly uninspired level design -- but it was old-school Mario, dammit, and we were ready to take anything we could get. Now "New Super Mario Bros." seems to be becoming its own series, which we all saw coming back in 2006. The DS version clearly paralleled Mario's first adventure on the NES, so some of us were expecting the sequel to involve turnip-pulling gameplay, while others thought Nintendo would skip straight to the good stuff, letting us dress up as raccoons and frogs. Regardless of what we thought we'd get, we were wrong -- no one expected a fully 4-player cooperative title on Nintendo's mainstream console. The result? Endless entertainment."

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