NWR: Radio Free Nintendo: Episode 172

NWR writes: "We recorded this show on Thanksgiving night, so it's no surprise that Jon chose to spend that time with his loving family. The other three of us couldn't be bothered, so you get a podcast despite the holiday!

Jonny has a lot of New Business, catching up on two weeks, one of which was spent in Europe. Naturally, that means portable gaming, which in this case translates to the Netbook-friendly Torchlight. Book-ending the trip were sessions of WiiWare demos, including a sell-through for FFCC: My Life as a Darklord, and the excellent Bit.Trip Void. James talks about torturing his family with Mario, leading us into another big discussion about the Wii game du jour. Then Greg knocks out Sin & Punishment 2 and revisits another Treasure oddity, the N64's Mischief Makers."

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