Suspended from XBox Live for being a lesbian

Recently a gamer Holly vented her frustration on After Ellen about how a shared XBL account of her and her girlfriend had received a ban for identifying themselves as a lesbian in thier profile. Their profile read, "lesbians from way back." Though the ban seems to have only been for 24 hours, Holly argues that it was not a part of her gamertag, nor was she flaunting it.

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Zedux3244d ago

I would do the same if I invited them out for a nice night party and they told me "no thanks we are lesbians!"

Guido3244d ago

Were they being outwardly sexual on Live? Were they saying stuff that would be considered XXX rated? If so then I don't see why they got banned from Live since we have all heard worse things than that on Live. Maybe they should convert... To the PSN?

anh_duong3244d ago

shouldn't the hot lesbian ones be given free live membership whilst the hairy biker ones that wear dungarees be rightly banned?

ReBurn3244d ago

Suspended and banned are not the same thing. But it would be helpful if Microsoft gave a specific reason and not some canned message.

Not sure why people feel the need to advertise their sexual orientation. But I'm not sure Live is the appropriate place to do it.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3244d ago

Being suspended from Xbox Live is the least of their problems.

Being judged by God should be their main concern.

DelbertGrady3244d ago

I'm concerned about that every day. I'm not gay or bi but one time when I was five years old I hit a boy and didn't say I was sorry afterwards. Since then my life has been miserable. Now that I know I'm going to hell nothing matters anymore. I wish God was more like MS. A simple suspension would have been enough to straighten me out instead of eternity in hell.

Death3244d ago

Sin is sin and all sin is the same in God's eyes. The inherant sin we are born with is what keeps us from heaven, not our sexual orientation. As long as we accept Christ's sacrifice to pay for our sin, what is the differance?


HolyOrangeCows3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Well there you go.

What is it about Xbox fans that they love to play the victim?

Guido3244d ago

But for trolling? Now that is damnable amidst the greatest of offenses.

lh_swe3244d ago

I shall let the flying spaghetti monster dominate my life from now, you guys instil soo much "faith" in something you have no and I mean no justification for believing. People criticize mormons and scientology for being absurd and nonsensical but all religions are based on the same unsubstantiated bull, much like the fanboy arguments around here.

DelbertGrady3244d ago

I only worship the Christmas tree cause it gives me presents.

IdleLeeSiuLung3244d ago

Apparently all they did was say they were "lesbian" on their profile. However, this is against the term of service on Xbox Live. You many not state your sexual orientation either in your gamertag or profile.

It is justified and they are trying to stay neutral about the issue. Now, I wonder if they would suspend someone claiming they are straight?

Guido3244d ago

In all fairness, I don't disagree with their being banned. I don't post up my sexual orientation and have no need to so anybody else that feels they do, then they deserve to be banned. I can be heterosexual and be proud of it but you don't see me posting that orientation on Live. Gay or Straight, it matters not to me but please, keep it to yourself.

bjornbear3244d ago

but they don't touch the thousands of racist/homophobic kids that just cuss and insult everyone everyday on open chat?


waltercross3244d ago

God doesn't Judge us, we do. as you can see.

execution173244d ago

they should of gotten a few days ban and that code of conduct nonsense, but banned like that is nonsense, from what i remember micro has been at this for years banning people for openly admitting they're gay. i've played with gay guys on the psn and they were cool because they let my team rack up the kills and win streaks for letting us beat them for letting them spread their msg for being gay and telling us to spread their msg :) well there you go gay gamers are cool

Uzesgelen_Goo3244d ago

your last replay about worshiping to tree was awesome bubbles+ (^^)

IdleLeeSiuLung3244d ago

I have no issue with it either way, but the way Xbox Live solves it seems to be the best way to go. I don't think many gamers need or even want to know so yes, they can keep it to themselves.

However, if they are going to enforce the rules, they should enforce it evenly is what I was trying to point out. I don't know if they do or not.

They broke the terms of service, so they got suspended. Big deal! Is it newsworthy? NO!

Question, I never hear about this on PSN? Is it because you can just create a new account? Does it not have a profile?

doG_beLIEfs3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

@Bubbles and all other Linus blanket (need for Gawd as security) ninnys....

Keep your ignorant, dogmatic, hate spewing garbage off a gaming website and in your church where it belongs please. Why is it the religious who claim to love so much...why is it that you HATE so much? They are homosapiens, noting more, nothing less.

Question, out of the thousands upon thousands of MANMADE (until there is just 1 shred of proof...and no the Bible does not count as proof) ALL GODS ARE MANMADE and why is it that Yahweh is the right 1 yet all of the others are not?

Hell was not even INVENTED untill the 6th century. And nearly every single shred of Christianity has been pilfered from other more ancient religions including many pagan ones.

Most of the western world is waking up out of this nightmare of ignorance and superstition...and 1 day ALL RELIGIONS will be thought of as MYTHology and nothing else. Either that or we kill everyone off fighting over who's Invisible man in the sky is right.

Religion is an organized system of IGNORANCE.

Praise be the FSM and glory to his noodlyness


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3244d ago

The only one here spewing hateful garbage is you.

doG_beLIEfs3244d ago

"The only one here spewing hateful garbage is you."

Oh really? Please do not confuse ridicule with hate. I don't hate Gawd, how can I hate something that I believe does NOT exist? I am not the one who thinks there is a Hell, I am not the one who does not LIVE AND LET LIVE, I am not the one who separates and divides, I am not the 1 who claims ALL OTHERS ARE WRONG but I am RIGHT, I am not the one who hates gays and lesbians and refuses to allow for EQUAL rights, I am not the one who is AFRAID that 2000+ years of ignorance is crashing down all over the EU, I am not the one who judges others over an Invisible Man in the sky, I am not the one who feels threatened by people with different ideas of LOVE than mine.

I could go on if you want.

I am human, I am alive
Live long and prosper


Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3244d ago

Your emotional tirades are not impressing me, they are only serving to make you sound like a child that is seeking attention.

Enough already.

vhero3244d ago

Either way its completely sexist in the modern world and only MS would do something like this. Pathetic company and this will only add to their problems the gay community is huge and if this turns sour MS will lose a massive chunk of sales.

Danteh3244d ago

No Kitty Kat, he's right in a way. Religion is just a form of human-control, with pedophile priests and corrupt people.

I don't believe in religion, but I do believe that here is some kind of superior power. I imagine God more as a "form of energy" which will take us when we die. But don't kid yourself, it ABSOLUTELY impossible that god has human appearance for example, because then, for all the alien forms that exist in he universe, shouldn't it have alien appearance too for them?

Leathersoup3244d ago

I hope the Headless Horseman has pity on your soul.

doG_beLIEfs3244d ago


Emotional tirade? I am not the one who needs a security blanket to explain why the Sun and Earth are here. I am not the one who bases their life off of a bunch of stories written by nomadic goat herders ...I mean c'mon...they herded their goats in the DESERT, the DESERT...don't goats eat grass? I am not the one who feels threatened by different ideas, I am not the one who lashes out and creates violence against those with different ideas.

If you are so sure of your beLIEfs, why does it matter what I say?

I ask you this question, 99% of all past religions are thought of as mythology, why is yours different? Why is it you cast off all other religions as being wrong but you are so SURE that yours is right?

I know this much, your beLIEf in whatever Gawd you worship is the product of your parents and country that you were born in. If you were born in a muslim dominated would in all likelyhood be a muslim, jewish country...jewish and so on.

Religion is an organized system of ignorance passed down by parents to their children.

"must maintain control of the weak...must contain the minds of the free"

Darkstorn3244d ago

Not cool, Microsoft. Then again, if they didn't do this, they'd likely see a lawsuit from some redneck who was 'emotionally damaged' after having someone mention they were a lesbian...

Darkstorn3244d ago

I agree with you on the religion part. Religion is a collectivist institution, it is the subjugation of the individual to a higher authority.
We know collectivism is bad, but individualism (the opposite of collectivism - the subjugation of the common good to an individual) is no great shakes either. I think both hardcore atheists and religious people need to be more moderate and communitarian in their beliefs.
Perhaps 'belief' is the problem as well. Belief closes one's mind to any alternatives to a given situation, so a rational person would be skeptical of whatever he was told, and would try to 'believe' as little as humanly possible.
Ah, we could debate this all day. I gotta get to class ;)

lh_swe3244d ago

Your defence is not with an actual counter argument to the arguments we present you with but instead trying to evade by turning on our emotional responses.

I'll let you in on something mr. kitty cat this is a very heated debate because there are serious consequences to your belief that is supposedly saving soo many people including yourself whereas a moral basis derived from a good home school and society should suffice to do that, unfortunately that is not the case but religion is more prominent among uneducated civilisations whereas educated cultures are parting from that belief, why do you think that is?

r0s3b0wl233244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

We've already known for years now that Microsoft does not allow listing of anything sexual, including orientation, in your profile. This is just another story about homosexuals trying to pretend that everyone is out to get them, even though the policy extends to heterosexuals as well.

Don't let them trick you into supporting their "cause." They will do anything to get people to like them, including trying to brainwash your children from as young an age as possible, as seen here:

CimmerianDrake3244d ago

I can guess as to what Microsoft and the homosexual communities are likely thinking. Microsoft suspended them because they posted their orientation. That makes sense in the sense that posting that you're gay (lesbians likely won't receive the same treatment because of the double standard that two girls is hot, two guys is not, lol unintended rhyme) will likely have you receiving A LOT of harassment, especially on Live which is riddled with the online equivalent of white supremacist rednecks and religious zealots.

On the other hand, as women who are gamers, posting that they are lesbians is likely their way of preventing the myriad of horny adolescent males, and pedophiles, and other sick members of the male gamer community that populate Live from hitting on them, and eventually calling them lesbians anyway once they are turned down.

So Microsoft's attempt to curb homophobia ended up with an unintended victim. In this case, I agree with Microsoft's policy, but perhaps they should have just been warned instead of supsended for a day. I'm sure the girls would have removed it from their profile.

doG_beLIEfs3244d ago

"Don't let them trick you into supporting their "cause." They will do anything to get people to like them, including trying to brainwash your children from as young an age as possible,"

Their "cause" is EQUALITY. Seriously, you and those like you are the reason why humanity cannot get along. They don't care if you like them, they just want EQUALITY. Nothing more, nothing less.

And to talk about brainwashing children...that is the Churches MAIN goal, brainwash a new generation of ignorance to remain relevant in the 21st century. Brainwash children into beLIEving that people that are not like them are bad, that the Earth is 6k years old, that the old men in robes know everything about the universe and scientists are evil, that if they don't convert you can kill them.

IMO, religion should NOT be taught to children as fact because FACTS have proof, all religions have NO PROOF.

Religion, the ultimate child abuse.

syanara3244d ago

figures its fricken microsoft Ive seen lots of stories similar to this but what question me even more is why Microsoft would say its wrong to put your SEXUAL ORIENTATION ON XBOX LIVE? that alone is total bullshit im sure they wouldnt do that to someone who said straight on their bio eh? this is really gay no pun intended

TheBand1t3244d ago

Get your religious debates the hell off the comment page. PM it if you have to.

Prototype3244d ago

Lesbians are welcome on PSN :D

Matpan3244d ago

So much for misleading titles... As far as it goes they are not being banned for being lesbians... they are banned because their profile read "lesbians from way back". Now if that infringes a pre-established policy, then the ban is justified. I don´t see the fuzz about all this.

I have nothing against gays/lesbians at ALL, it´s a free world. But then again... if you choose to subscribe to a service you agree to certain rules (you know, that end user license agreement (or terms of use w.e.) no one EVER reads)...

Now if they believe that EULA is wrong... they shouldn´t have agreed to begin with.

lowcarb3244d ago

"I shall let the flying spaghetti monster dominate my life from now, you guys instil soo much "faith" in something you have no and I mean no justification for believing."

And just how do you know we all have no justification? There are many things we can't see but breathe and things I've encountered personally that people like you would deny. Go ahead and have your views but don't speak to everyone when you don't have any idea what your talking about.

3244d ago
FACTUAL evidence3244d ago

you know you pay 50$ for live and still can't have freedom of speech!

lh_swe3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I do have an idea what I am talking about. For I have yet to see any evidence that points to an omniscient, omnipresent being that is the be all and end all of our existence and all existence for that matter.

I have no beef with the need for religion as a medium of political and moral control but it's when it starts conflicting with medical progress, scientific progress, other religions, safe sex, human rights, children's rights and safety etc then I start to become weary of the superpower that is religion and it's very tight grip it has on people around the world.

Ask yourself this; How many wars have been fought in the name of religion? How many deaths? How many political and judicial processes have been affected by religion?

I have read many books on the subject matter for I am not an atheist by default but by reason.

Blaze9293244d ago

This is old news. Microsoft already stated way back when that issue with the gay dude arose. You CANNOT have your sexuality and/or sexual preference anywhere in your gamercard be it the name, motto, bio, anything. They said you are free to talk about it through chat, whatever. But you cannot have it in your gamercard.

Watch everyone cry foul like this is something new. Next.

Unicron3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Beliefs are not the same as organized religion.

Beliefs are great.

Organized religion just mucks it up.

Though Blaze... I have to wonder... if someone posted "straight and loving it," would they fall under the same ban?

Godmars2903244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Wouldn't worry about striking someone in anger when you were five Soda, as you should know the very act of conception damned you and all of us to burn in Hell.

Unless of course you follow the direct Word of God, as spoken and interpreted by any number of His sole representative on Earth.

Dude seriously, how do you think organized religion gets mucked up in the first place?

Eamon3244d ago

Think about it logically and simply

If everyone turns gay then there won't be no children and humanity could be extinct. Already in the west, the fertility rate like 0.1 or something and UK (for example) would need to import migrants from cultures that have a fertility rate of 7.5 or something.

But seriously, hasn't anyone heard of the saying, "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

If people start turning from straight to gay then it could mean the end of us all, right?

jav09183244d ago

This is old and was already a debated issue....Microsoft decided to ban anyone who had there preference on their profiles...its nothing new...

kaveti66163244d ago

You guys all need to shut the hell up. Few times in my life I encounter two groups of idiots both wasting their times with each other, and by the end of it all they have accomplished is offended each other and/or hurt each other's feelings. This is a damn VIDEO GAME SITE. Talk about games, talk about consoles, there is absolutely, and I mean this unequivocally NO REASON to discuss religious matters or even political matters on the these comment boards. If you idiots wish to waste your times on a more personal level, then send each other personal messages, okay?

I didn't come here to get my feelings hurt. Thanks a lot, douchebags.

cLiCK_sLiCK93244d ago

And yet you wasted YOUR time commenting and offending others. Nice! =]

end sarcasm/ =[

Arduen3244d ago

I think all of this debate over religion is ridiculous for a gaming site. Especially since there is clearly only ONE true path to righteousness. Choose to worship the Cosmic Muffin people. "For yeah, it was baked in the oven of creation at the beginning and there is enough of the top for all to partake of its goodness." ~Banana Walnut 28, verse 5.

Also, couldn't they just claim to be from the island of Lesbos to get around this "ban"?

Shepherd 2143243d ago

i dont feel the need to identify myself as straight on XBL, why do homosexuals feel they need to identify themselves as such?

drdistracto7073243d ago

I am atheist and proud...

this is blatant discrimination! When a world judges others on sexual orientation, then that's a world that deserves to burn

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Bungie3244d ago

i wouldn't ban them


mdt hunter3244d ago

its look like microsoft have really fun banning people

JaPo3244d ago

Why is it necessary to state they are lesbians on their gaming bio?

I don't go childishly promoting my heterosexuality on my profile, especially when there's seemingly no prompting for such a statement. If you had but a mere modicum of maturity, you'd use the term 'partner' in your profile, regardless of whether you're "PROUD!!" or not. If you had any awareness at all, you wouldn't feel the need to disclose your sexuality in the first place.

'Lesbians from way back'. Why are people ignoring what a juvenile statement this is, fundamentally? One would assume you were mocking it. I'm far from a homophobe and cannot fathom defending MS' big brother moderation systems, but I blame the woman.

tristanmike3244d ago

Wow, sir...really, wow.

I didn't think that anyone could wrap up my feelings on the subject so eloquently. Bubbles for you.

It's not MS's fault that the women decided to flaunt their sexuality in anyway, shape, or form on the public forum. Like JaPo said, I don't go around announcing my sexuality to people, I don't put it in my Avatar, I don't use it as my motto, I don't use it as my signature, and to be honest I don't really want people to know. It's nobody's business by mine and my partner (whoever that is).

This has been an open policy for MS for sometime now and when people keep breaking the rules and then get banned for it, I don't want to hear their moaning and complaining about it. It's a simple rule, no sexual orientation on XBL. I support this banning fully and would support it if someone decided to put "Hetro since way back" or if a male put "lesbian from way back" too. Keep it to yourselves.

Furthermore, why the hell are you "proud" to be gay ? I mean, I couldn't care less if you are or aren't, but I'm not "proud" to be heterosexual, I am what I am, so where does this sense of "pride" come from ? You are gay, you are gay, so what ? What's there to be proud of ? It's a lifestyle choice, it's not like you won the Stanley Cup or something.

Leathersoup3244d ago

Interesting how you changed Microsoft's wording "Bio" to your own "Gaming Bio".
When you look at Microsoft's profile editor and view the area labeled, Bio, you can see that Microsoft suggests, "Enter some information about yourself. (max length is 499 characters. Formatting is not preserved.)"

Should we also prevent people from mentioning that they have kids in their bio? Should we prevent them from mentioning wife, or husband? These are all methods of telling people about ourselves.

Perhaps Microsoft should change the bio to only have certain subject headings like, Game Genre's I Like, My Favorite Food/TV Show/Sport if that's all they want people to say.

JaPo3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I respect your sentiments, though I think you may have falsely pegged me as a bigot. It is a gaming bio by virtue of the fact it is a bio for a online gaming service which will be viewed exclusively by gamers.

Looking past the black and white facts, the manner in which she has worded this proclamation is, to me, dubious. I'm not offended by it, indeed I am scornful of any who are, but in this case I question the real motivation for writing 'lesbians since way back'.

Let me just clarify I don't think people should be banned for completely inoffensive things such as this. Parents who try to cover their kids' ears concerning sexuality yet purchase them grotesquely violent games, in my view, deserve to be shot. However, she has demonstrated she was aware of MS' uncompromising policies beforehand and, as such, there is no reason her crude admissions should be exempt from the 'law', as it were.

It's quite amusing how many ignorant, closet homophobes there are on this page. + I hope that Bible basher Bubbles is trolling, otherwise if he actually believes what he's saying, then he also deserves to be shot.

FACTUAL evidence3244d ago

are banning people because they black friday sales sucked a$$. lol

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Bungie3244d ago

and that's why

360 Community Head and Shoulders Above PS3

we got lesbians b!tchas

Bodyboarder_VGamer3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Shut-up, you're so pathetic that made multiple accounts to increase your bubble count...

PirateThom3244d ago

Apparently not, since they got banned.

The real killer3244d ago

And that's why Microsoft is head and shoulders is a racist.

xcox3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

360 is the platform of choice for bigots, rednecks and inbred retards of all kinds.

jump out and enjoy PSN, the enlightened gaming network where you can be yourself and play hard... for free

Teh Cell3243d ago

"And that's why Microsoft is head and shoulders is a racist." you know what "racism" means? The agrees on your comments are just sad...

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Syriel3244d ago

It's pretty straightforward. Microsoft doesn't allow anything regarding sex or sexual orientation in profiles. Microsoft doesn't care if you're gay, straight or a little wavy. It just doesn't want you broadcasting your sexual preferences to the world on a service with underage gamers.

wanderofys3244d ago

While I do see where you're coming from, I get a funny feeling that if I put "I'm straight" in my bio, Microsoft would not suspend my account.

In fact, I might try it just to see.