HD-DVD Buyers Beware

HD-DVD is not going to win this format war. In fact, one of two things is possible right now: Either Blu-ray will win, or neither format will win. But the best HD-DVD can hope for is to just keep hanging in the game as long as possible.

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frostbite065060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

The only thing you should beware of is this awful article on how some guy likes blu-ray and doesnt like that this other guy likes hd-dvd

reaperxciv5060d ago

just ask WALMART...they are coming out with their own WALMART HDDVD drive

Arkham5060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

Are you serious? Did you read the entire article? Do you know anything about

While I was prepared to be a bit critical of this news item (at first it sounded only like more scaremongering), I read the article and was suitably impressed with their thoroughness. I would suggest you take a step back and try again. There's more fact than opinion in there, which is probably what's upset some of the people below.

These guys aren't just a bunch of fanboys blowing smoke out of their collective butt. Whether or not you agree with their *recommendation*, they do know what they're talking about.

Numark5060d ago

It is a fact HD-DVD has no chance of winning this war?

Arkham5060d ago

I said the article had more facts in it than opinion, I didn't say it was the freakin' gospel.

Geezus, media literacy and reading comprehension truly suffer when you throw a keyboard and monitor into the fray.

jesterlives5060d ago

If HDDVD is going to lose, why has BuenaVista decided to start making HDDVD and Bluray movies? Digibits left that piece of information out.

MADGameR5060d ago

Looks like it was written by a PS3 fanboy

xbox360migs5060d ago

Which you would expect from a biased point of view. I hope that people who have certain older Blu-ray stand-alones know they are screwed when it come to accessing interactive features on upcoming blu-ray discs because of the lack of standardization from the release of blu-ray, thats what happens when you bypass the dvd forum that is there to stop this sort of thing from happening and therefore protecting the consumer!
HD DVD did not let this happen.

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FadedDRFT5060d ago

Oh. here we go again. lol

Firewire5060d ago

this war was over the day the PS3 came out! and I mean over!

MadMax5060d ago

Yea, over for the PS3 lol. Nobody wants one of those overpriced worthless machines, no games. Absolutely no reason to blow $600 on that bulky piece of overhyped junk. HD is cheaper and more people will buy an HD player because of the price, not to mention there is no difference between the 2 in picture quality you moron. HD movies are even coming down in price and HD cable is dominating. Do the math people, HD aint going nowhere and either is DVD! PS3 can suck it!

Keyser5060d ago

Madmax is...very mad.

I'm not sure who is going to win but I have a good idea. One side has more studio support and more players out there (PS3's).

Christmas is coming and parents are not going to have a problem dropping $30 on a bluray whatsoever. The price of bluray discs will probably fall a bit more also this Christmas because of stores trying to get people in.

Christmas and Black Friday are going to tell a lot.

eLiNeS5060d ago

Look down the list for people with one bubble, they have all the answers. :S

Personally I don't know who will win and I won't support either until it has been decided. I won't be buying a PS3 anytime soon since there are no games that interest me yet and if some games do come out that interest me, they will most likely be coming out on the 360 as well, so from the looks of it, I might never get a PS3. OK, time to get my game on.

sak5005060d ago

" - this war was over the day the PS3 came out! and I mean over! "

If thats the case then, the next gen console was over teh day xbox360 came out.

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achira5060d ago

ppl who buy hd-dvd have a problem. blu-ray will win, thats for sure.

Lyberator5060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

No one is going to win you dipshits. HD-DVD and Blu-ray still only own freakin 2% of the market. By the time either one "wins" (when dvd is out of the picture) through the pipe movies will be all over the place. Look at how successful the video marketplace on the 360 is. Also, I love how everyone turns this into a console debate. Who the hell cares. How many stand alone players does everyone here own. Those are the people I want to hear from. Not the losers who buy thier consoles for movies instead of games.

nice_cuppa5060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

i have 8 hd-dvd movies.

im on the losing team then am i ?

there is nothing wrong with blu-ray disc's.
its the monopoly sony have on the format that puts me of.
i want cheap movies.
and if there is no competition that wont happen.

this is what sony keeps trying to do.
establish a format and claim royaltys.

dvd, vhs isnt sony...thank god.
but they keep disc, bata max, memory stick, umd ect....

if sony win they get a cut, this keeps the price up.

fenderputty5060d ago

you pay on average 10$ more for HD-DVD then blu-ray?

Either way ... it's not like you're going to loose. You're always going to have what you bought and, if you're forced to by something else, it won't be for a while. By that time price shouldn't be as big of an issue.

THE_JUDGE5060d ago

Like with DVD now or VHS back then? You make no sense, Sony doesn't own every blu-ray disc made. Get real! Blu-ray has more movies and backers so it will win. In 5 years time the blu-ray movies will cost the same as a dvd. Stop worrying!

ITR5060d ago

I hope you guys realize the main reason studios went HD/BD was because they wanted more money per DVD sale.

Currently if you sale at MSRP a retailer might make $3-5 bucks off a DVD sale.
If you price match with Best Buy then you might make a $1 per DVD sale.

If you price match against Wal-Mart you'll probably lose about a $1 per DVD sale.

Both HD and BD had to promise to keep the prices high for a certain amount of time before it gets to the point of DVD's today. I doubt 5 yrs was in that contract..probably more like 8-10 yrs.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- -------------
Most HD-DVD's are hybrid discs now so thats the reason for the price difference.
It's like buying a std DVD and HD-DVD on one disc.
BD should follow suit.