IGN: Contrarian Corner: Uncharted 2

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves passes for an action adventure but it really belongs to the tradition of Romance. This was the tradition of chivalry and heroism, where men protected the helpless and save spirited women from overwhelming threat. Building on the ribald traditions of Chaucer and Cervantes, the serial Romance of the 30's and 40's combined punchy satire with genre convention. It's from this randy fusion that Uncharted 2 emerges, homage to an homage of a satire of a nearly dead genre.

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hulk_bash19873247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Again, why do people see fit to nitpick at these things while leaving other games to their accord?
Some of the points brought up un the article:
1.)"Repetition of gunplay"
2.)Disconnect between cutscenes and gameplay

It's a given that not everyone is going to like Uncharted 2 but to justify that dislike by pointing out things that don't seem to be issues with other games is a bit contradictory.

Unicron3247d ago

Disconnect? I think the cutscenes to gameplay flowed better than any game out there.

But it's a funny thing, as one can literally take ANY stance on a title in a review as long as they make valid points. I could make the argument that UC2, Halo 3, MGS4 are all just "meh" experiences and not the perfect titles they are reviewed as, depending on my mood and the tone I wish to convey. Frankly, I don't see a need to make a "count argument" articles for hits, unless you are going to start doing it for all titles, be it high profile and niche.

TOO PAWNED3247d ago

i wonder why IGN does this only with PS3 exclusives. I rembember they did the same with Infamous.
Ok there is one guy that doesn't like Uncharted2? OMG world is going to end! Do we really need to know this?
Or was this because those fanboys got butthurt because PS3 destroyed 360 during black Monday?
Come on, grow up. WHo gives job to these baboons

dredgewalker3247d ago

Not my loss, I play to simply experience and too much thinking ruins the whole thing. I love Uncharted 2 and any douche who disses it for the most idiotic reasons is complete failure as a gamer in my honest opinion. These people try really hard to discredit this game which unfortunately backfires and discredits themselves in the end. Im not gonna give this moron a hit and im just gonna enjoy my gaming life.

timetraveler363246d ago

I think the rest of you are viewing this criticism in the wrong light. I would argue that this piece is written not to criticize the game, I think it is simply aimed at the flaws gaming still has as a storytelling device. He acknowledges that the game does things better if not the best of the many of the new generation of games. Because of this I think he is insinuating that "the best", has a responsibility to move things forward. Since Naughty Dog has clearly mastered what it means to make a game in the old manner of game/storytelling, the author clearly thinks that it is their responsibility as the most capable and qualified to push into new ground with the next installment. The pieces are there, ND just has to manipulate them to make an even more astounding and affecting game in the future.