Game Revolution: Inner Party Podcast 087

Game Revolution writes: "Monkey face biting + Whiskey= One hell of an Inner Party. Everyone and their mother is still playing Borderlands. Blake goes old school with some Sonic and some New Mario Bros. Wii, then teleports to Star Trek Online. Colin gets his Lego on then goes table top. We all eat chocolate covered ants. Nick Narutos out then Monster Hunts. Hudak hits on Asian women and checks out the upcoming XBLA title, Raskulls. Duke gets his Princess Armor on to play some Assassin's Creed II. In the news: The BioShock 2 Collectors edition puts some tunes down on wax. More Dragon Age: Origins DLC! We tell you where to get the best deal on black market cigarettes. We take a look at the Boderlands DLC. EA opens up shops for the Holiday season. Pandemic gets shut down. A man is forced by gunpoint to buy a PS3. Have Sony's marketing tactics gone too far? Left 4 Dead gets remade 8-Bit style. No More Heroes gets ported to the 360 and PS3. Mario Galaxy 2 will not be easy."

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