Final Fantasy Fighting Game In The Works For PS3 HipHopGamerShow 11/29/09

1. Playstation 4 On The Rise Already
2. Microsoft Licensing Xbox360 For Set-Top Boxes
3. Assassins Creed II Review – 9/10 (Great Game)
4. Special Interview With HipHopGamer

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Bungie3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

It's teh HipHopGamerShow

YAY it's time for more lies

3431d ago
Omegasyde3431d ago

1. Playstation 4 On The Rise Already - No shi^ sherlock
2. Microsoft Licensing Xbox360 For Set-Top Boxes - You mean the educational program its launching for designer schools?
3. Assassins Creed II Review – 9/10 (Great Game) - Opinion
4. Special Interview With HipHopGamer -
?? I am guessing you are calling it quits ??

I will continue to *hate* your programs until you give me something to *love* about them.

Same goes for the majority of users.

Dragun6193431d ago

I'm just gonna say this weeks flamebait title was pretty weak in comparison to his usual titles. Like

Insomniac PS3 Only Now A Thing Of The Past?
Sonys Ego Cost Them Their Own Halo
Xbox360 Metal Gear Rising Will Shine The Most

But i will say that the possibility of a Final Fantasy fighting game specifically a Dissidia game for the PS3 is very well possible due to the great reception Dissidia had in both Japan & the US.

(In case you didn't notice it sold really good in both territories especially for being a PSP game, Yea, take that Piracy!)

-GametimeUK-3431d ago

oooooooh yeah! gotta <3 HHG!

pixelsword3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

I don't usually rant on posters, so I'll keep it civil.

Out of the five, only two have ever submitted stories, so that's about a 3.6 average per complainer; on top of that, the highest story reported is 850... not counting the fact that none of the stories came from a website that was ran by the people posting.

I mean, if it's so easy to get an interview from Tony Hawk or Aaron Greenberg, then where's yours? Where's your E3 footage? Where's your gift from Vince McMahon?

Talk is cheap: the facts of what he reports may not happen all of the time, but that's the nature of the industry: Just like how everyone who ever reported that Duke Nukem was coming out was a "liar" because the company folded, but at least he's out there trying. That's what I hate the most about bad comments... most of the ones making them have never even tried but have a mouth full of criticism for those who have.

MEsoJD3430d ago

I love being able to guess when I read crazy titles that its hhg. I'm always right.

snipermk03430d ago

Its that time of the week (again)...

presto7173430d ago

Heck Tony Hawk was even on here last week. If you dont like it, dont watch it. I dont get what all the stupid week-after-week hating is all about.

On topic, a final fantasy fighting game that pushes the ps3 will be sick. sometimes I wonder why there are lots of exclusive shooters, but barely any exclusive fighting games.

pixelsword3426d ago

I lost my temper and posted in haste and anger, so I apologize to you all.

Once again, hope I didn't tick too many people off.

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sabestar3431d ago

A bit late with this week's episode I see. What can I say? I hope you're right with the Final Fantasy fighting game, bec Dissidia was a nice and fun game.

egm_hiphopgamer3431d ago

i wasn't late with the show this week, n4g had problems that's why but yeah man i got some good info and i got a chance to see some concept art regarding this i just hope they push it and do it if not i'll be disappointed. I put it out there because it's a high chance of this being confirmed so maybe if the community gets behind it. Square will see that's it's worth the investment since they already put some time behind it you know. 1luv and god bless you guys peace

seifer0853431d ago

your right cause that would be pretty kul done properly.

Marceles3431d ago

"so maybe if the community gets behind it"

yeah right....they'll work on a DS version. And a Virtual Boy version for kicks.

VenomCarnage893430d ago

but wasnt FF vs 13 supposed to be this fighting game? i remember reading it on here way long ago about how it was going to be an ARPG and not turn based. i read it a long time ago and things could have changed or not been true to begin with, but if so than id love to play VS 13, i truely cant stand turn based.

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sakura20093431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

u r a liar. how i know? because japanese jorunalism are the one to get infomation first of square enix new games

ViciousBoston3430d ago

to be fair Sakura is correct. It'd be out in Famitsu first.

retardednickname3431d ago

"i dont put my stories on N4G just for hits" - hiphopgamer

Blaster_Master3431d ago

And your jealous butt gets on here just to click on his link. Ironic huh?

Redempteur3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

i don't click on his links

i did it once and i always regretted this action .

Who can say that one things he said ever came true ?

i certainly can't .

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3431d ago

of seeing this dude...

30 agrees and 0 disagrees? Wow... you all are racists.

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