Heavy Rain Dated for February Release

One of the biggest and most mysterious PS3 titles has been Heavy Rain. After being unveiled around the time of the PS3s introduction, the title vanished for several years never to been seen again until just this past year. With the sudden surge of new information also came a surge of hype. Utilizing new concepts of character interaction, Heavy Rain is going for something totally unique and the release date of the title is sooner than one expected.

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Bungie3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

OMG all the big titles are coming Q1 next year

iron_sheik3402d ago

on any console
yes GOW3, Heavy rain, mass effect 2 are big
but GT5 is the biggest of 2010 followed by FF13 and then halo reach
good to be a gamer

RememberThe3573402d ago

The years just keep getting better and better.

Bungie3402d ago


nice opinion

looks like 2010 will be the biggest year for both 360 and ps3

it's good to be rich


Day 1 for me, I cant wait to dive into this story. yea all these games are being released early next year to make way for the unannounced ps3 games to come out at the end, heres hoping for twisted metal as a surprize look at VGAs with a release date in october-november 2010. id have a heart attack.

raztad3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Yeah, Q1 next year is absolute madness. I'm not rich though so I'm gonna stick with my most expected, GoW3. Heavy Rain is a must have, but it will be releasing so close to MAG that is not even funny. Need more time and money.

-GametimeUK-3402d ago

This game looks HORRIBLE!

It doesnt deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as any of the Playstation franchises

Cyrax_873402d ago in there are way too many games to buy, especially for the 1st half of 2010. Keep the games pouring in Sony, keep 'em coming!

Zedux3402d ago

gr8 news now I'll have time to finish it before March fever!

Darkstorn3402d ago

Game looks awesome, but my wallet is empty after Black Friday. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to afford GoW III, Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, GT5, and FF13 all within weeks of each other. Uggghhhh :/

Gamehead363402d ago

1.God of War 3
2.Starhawk (HUGE Warhawk fan)
4.Heavy Rain
5.Mass Effect 2
6.The Last Guardian
7.Final Fantasy XIII
8.Alan Wake
9.Spinter Cell: Conviction
10.White Knight Chronicles

velcry3402d ago

Speaking as a gamer to (hopefully) another, I just wanted to tell you that your time is better spent playing games.

Really. When you look back at how your time was spent you'll be happier for it.

ReservoirDog3163402d ago

All I hope is the actual story is good. All the pieces are there but I hope there aren't any annoying missteps like in Indigo Prophecy.

The way it appears though, it looks like it'll be be pretty great.

Darkstorn3402d ago

FAIL, you forgot Bioshock 2 on your list. Shame on you! >:)
Otherwise, nice list.

Dragun6193402d ago

Well, those 440,000 who just got or is getting a PS3 during this Holiday Season will be happy to know that the First Quarter of 2010 is full of great games not that the 4th quarter of 2009 wasn't full already.

Jan- M.A.G, White Knight Chronicles =(Jan or Feb)
Feb- Heavy Rain, Star Ocean International, Bioshock 2, Lost Planet 2
Mar- God Of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, FFXIII, MLB '10, BC2 & Maybe Yakuza 3,
Other games aiming for Early releases- ModNation Racers, Quantum Theory & Dead Rising 2

Omegasyde3402d ago

You forgot about Twisted Metal Redux.

This game should be pushed to June-July. Sony has too many exclusives launching in Q1, I am guessing MAG will be pushed back to Fall, along with White Knight Chronicles.

I would love to see starhawk, I think that is going to be the sleeper hit of the year along with Agency.

Campy da Camper3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Dont even SAY THAT!

EDIT: The MAG part!

Nikuma3402d ago

Don't respond to him guys...hes trolling you. If you just ignore them they'll eventually get bored and go away.

jwatt3402d ago

I hope the agency comes out soon!

sunnygrg3402d ago

Preordered and ready to play. Can't wait for the shower scene :)

Gamehead363402d ago

@ darkstorn

Sadly, I have yet to play Bioshock. I know some of the story too so it is a little spoiled for me. I'm gonna snap to it soon though in time for Bioshock 2.

@ Omegasyde

If Twisted Metal is indeed Eat, Sleep and Play's game they are going to unveil soon then that shoots right up into the top 5. I [email protected] love Twisted Metal.

As for MAG, I played the beta for 20 min. and was like WTF? I have to run back to the action? Are you sh!tting me? Without any vehicles I already seeing it being a failure. But, I did only play for 20 min. so I'll return to it and give it a second, more thorough play. It would be great if they pushed it to the summer and left the fall open for R3 in my opinion.

White knight Chronicles should stay put as it has been out in Japan for a while now if I am not mistaken.

Sony should move GT5 to April and MAG to May that way there would be an exclusive from February to May.

And I can't believe I forgot Modnation racers! Kart racing is AWSUMMMMM!

leila013402d ago

Wow Sony's on a roll.

While Microsoft is shifting it's focus to the casual market with Natal, Sony is trying it's hardest to keep the hardcore happy. 2010 will be a great year for all gamers, PS3 gamers especially.

Keep the games coming.

XDF3402d ago

How the heck you get only one agree and 12 disagree when you said 2010 will be a good year for both X360 and PS3?

My advice....Take out X360 and you will have your fortune reverse. LOL

blu_yu_away3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Couldn't agree with you more gamehead. I was so pumped to get into the MAG beta but ended up being so disappointed. As much as I wanted to love it I may end up giving it a pass for one of the other many games coming out at the beginning of next year.

heroicjanitor3402d ago

It's because people know who he is lol I'll give him an agree

Panipal20053402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

@ Gamehead36

The Last Guardian should come out May/early summer

Both in the sense of 'that's the RIGHT TIME to release it', and in the sense of, they're hiring for that team right now so are probably ramping up production.

nix3402d ago

the companies are pushing it because probably it's the end of the financial year and they all want to look good on their spreadsheet. q:

Gamehead363402d ago

@ blu_yu_away

Yeah I wanted to love it so bad too but I have absolutely no problem passing on it with all the other great games releasing in that time frame.

@ panipal2005

When I first thought about The Last Guardian releasing in the summer I doubted it but now I think it would fit well in the summer being the niche, but enticing game it is. I believe they would maximize sales that way.

Off topic: thinking of The Last Guardian makes me love Sony. They back all types of games for their platforms whether or not they have tremendous selling power. Ironically, this ensures Sony is always successful; slowly they end up with a large, diverse category that is irresistible, and being the varied gamer that I am, that fits my needs wonderfully.

NewZealander3402d ago

theres way too many big games coming out in early 2010, unfortunately heavy rain will probably have poor sales due to games like mass effect 2 bioshock 2 and splinter cell

Guido3402d ago

After seeing some of the game play I am not too sure. I will wait and see. It looks interesting but it might just not be my cup of tea.

Lifendz3402d ago

Dude, seriously?

Anyway, I've been looking forward to Heavy Rain ever since that first presentation with the girl and the gun. Game could create a true "mature" genre that's more than gratuitous violence and profanity. The PS3 crowd appears to be older, on average, than the 360 crowd. Hope that others are equally excited and take a chance on the game.

sikbeta3402d ago

Something new, something you don't play before or something better than Indigo P.

Support this game guys

gaffyh3401d ago

@1.6 - This game is going to be soooo good, so I don't really care what people like you say. I got to play it at the Eurogamer Expo and the QTE is really really really really good, truly feels like you are playing a movie, and that in no way, is a bad thing.

vhero3401d ago

Sony are hitting the new year running eh?? Makes you wonder if Natal can really turn things around once MS are so far behind..

himdeel3401d ago

...and is on a budget like me is going to be putting aside some money right now on games they'll purchase later. I think I may have to hold off on purchasing any new games for Christmas :/ just to get myself situated financially for the spring slaughtering my wallet will be taking.

Now that I know the release dates for GOW3 and Heavy Rain, I just need to know when GT5 and Last Guardian are dropping to get my PS3 exclusive games preorder list finalized.

syanara3401d ago

wow guys are you seriously forgetting my favorite game coming out early next year? ... MODNATION RACERSS!!!!!!!! now THAT game is a must have

zeeshan3401d ago

See this is why Multiplatform titles don't sell that well on PS3. There are too many AAA exclusives to choose from! :) Sony FTW

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LtSkittles3402d ago

Pre-ordering this in January. The concept sounds awesome, and I hope it's better than Indigo Prophecy. That game was epic, but I didn't like some of choices, but I loved the small details, like if you mixed wine with the pills.

LtSkittles3402d ago

GameStop says 2/16/2010 :D

theEnemy3401d ago

Date with GF on valentine's day..



damn you lol, i didnt even think of that, guess im gonna have to pre order in full soon that way i will have money later for my girl.

elcompa4253402d ago


On Topic: I WILL BE getting this, no matter what.


remanutd553402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

exactly what i was hoping for , its good to see Heavy Rain gets a released date before God of War 3 , Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy 13 , so MAG is gonna be released on january if im not mistaken , what about White Knight Chronicles and ModNation Racers ? does anybody knows when those 2 games are coming out ? sony is releasing a lot of games early next year , i hope that means a couple of surprises holidays 2010 , im really intrigued by HR so i will be picking the game up day 1

at sigh , i think i read in the playstation blog that WKC will be releasing in NA on january 2010 but im not sure thats why im asking too

Sigh3402d ago

White Knight Chronicles is coming out in NA/Europe? Anyways, so far its gonna be a great February, both this and Star Ocean IV: International are releasing in the same month.

TheHater3402d ago

WKC is coming out Feb 16 according to both GameStop and BestBuy

Sigh3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

That's great news, hopefully it is. So it's Star Ocean IV: International, Heavy Rain AND WKC. But I remember hearing somewhere WKC might be released in Dec, or is that just MAG I'm talking about?