CrimeCraft Refused Classification in Australia

Another ban-hammer has hit Australian shores with the MMO, CrimeCraft, being Refused Classification in Australia due to Australia not having an R18+ rating for video games. Find out why in this article.

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Madusha3297d ago

Again? The aussies have to just let this go, it's just a game.

jessupj3296d ago

It's the government, not it's people. Mainly Attorney General Michael Atkinson. Everyone else voted for changing the legislation, it's this one f*cker that's blocking the whole thing.

harrypmgaga3297d ago

I know, us Aussies are really getting the annoying end of the stick. This guy is trying to ban MW2 after it's already been released. He thinks the Classification Board is not doing it's job properly :P

jessupj3296d ago

Reminds me of Jack thompson, but at least Jack was mostly harmless. This arrogant, stuck in the past fascist has power he's clearly abusing.

Nihilism3296d ago

That sucks, lucky for me it is a game I have never heard of/had no intention of getting.

I will happily import and give my money to gamestop though for any games that get censored in any way

harrypmgaga3296d ago

Yep, what sucks is if you live in...I think in a certain part of Northern Territory (might be wrong), there is a law that doesn't allow you to import titles that have been refused classification in Australia.

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The story is too old to be commented.