Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores include Modern Warfare 2 and a high score for the latest Tales game.

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Valay3243d ago

Very pleased with the Tales of Graces score. I think that game, along with Abyss, are the highest scoring Tales games from Famitsu.

Madusha3243d ago

Good scores for MW2. Never heard of 'Samurai Spirits Zen', explains the low score.

MattyF3243d ago

Yeah, it's good to see the true Tales entry on Wii got good ratings. After playing Vesperia twice, I need a new Tales title to enjoy.

Valay3243d ago

@ Madusha - I believe it's a 3D fighter from SNK.

ulissesnascim3243d ago

Yup, didn't see the Tales of Graces score coming. I thought it would be a sloppy and generic game, but I hope it surprises me.

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Ninji3243d ago

Famitsu's reviews are a joke just like Edge's reviews.

kaveti66163243d ago

Ninji, Ninji, Ninji. Just accept it.

People liked Modern Warfare 2.

Noctis Aftermath3242d ago

These guys are losing touch with the people buying their magazine, most people who buy their magazine will not like mw2 so why does it deserve a 39?
I swear they just score based on hype.

3243d ago
Lavalamp3243d ago

I hope Tales of Graces gets ported to another console. If not then I'll have to go against my vow and pick up a Wii.