PS3 Kicks Off the Holiday Season with a Bang

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"To coincide with the year's biggest shopping rush, SCEA released some extremely enticing PS3 bundles. These amazing bundles paired a 120GB PS3 up with some of the year's biggest releases. As expected the bundles sold out almost immediately the morning of Black Friday.

Official word has come in from SCEA's Sr. Director of Corporate Communications and Social Media, Patrick Seybold, about exactly how well the PlayStation 3 performed during this massive holiday shopping week."

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DoucheVader3242d ago

Very impressive numbers indeed.

Lifewish3242d ago

agreed, this is great news

Sev3242d ago

Hot damn! That is impressive.

I certainly hope this trend continues.

El_Colombiano3242d ago

Thats more than half a million in a month. Sony knows consoles. Better than any other company.

Cyrax_873242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Either way, impressive numbers for a week. those bundles were nothing but quality.

@ below, thanks.

EDIT: the last 2 years MS came out and bragged about outselling Sony 2/3:1 over the Black Friday week. I'd like to see what they have to say this year lol.

LordMarius3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I believe this was only America

Edit: lol at the disagrees

Kevin ButIer3242d ago

More PS3 brothers to pwn some pirates at Uncharted 2...

Bang °o°

deadreckoning6663242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Woah, 440,000 in ONE week. Jesus, I'm impressed. Sony officially won Black Friday! Can anyone confirm if this is America only? If it is, then that would be nuts.

@Marius- If these numbers are ONLY for America, then Sony just performed the biggest comeback in gaming history. I hope Sony outsells the 360 this year and force M$ to include Wi-fi as a standard in the 360 and drop that price to $200 bucks.

The 360 should be $100 less than the PS3 for the simple fact that its one year older than PS3.

Lifendz3242d ago

Loving all the PS3 love. The Empire strikes back baby!

D4RkNIKON3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Price check on aisle BOOM!
Marcy, get me BOOM.
Tsssssssst.. BOOM!

Bungie3242d ago

$ony must be happy

finally an amazing year to be ps3 owner

SolidAhmed3242d ago

440000 in US alone is impressive

Maddens Raiders3242d ago

it's been amazing for me since Resistance 1, Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm. Where have you been?

GrandTheftZamboni3242d ago


PS3 Kicks Off the Holiday Season with a Boom! Not a Bang.

HolyOrangeCows3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

And a BOOM. lol
(Darn, I've been beaten to this joke)

Bungie: "finally an amazing year to be ps3 owner"
Finally? It's 2008 again?

steck673242d ago

Probably in his basement hoping that one day his mom will get enough money to buy him a PS3

Kevin ButIer3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

What$ your point?

you must be living under a rock...

In-cognito3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

@ Bungie
$ony must be happy
finally an amazing year to be ps3 owner

Finally you can see what we have been talking about for the last couple of years.

Go on...... buy one! I dare you!
Give it a chance. You very well might like it.

Kaneda3242d ago

Just bought one on sonystyle and got two free games.. infamous and uncharted 1...

badz1493242d ago

@Kevin Butler

dude, there's no pirates in Uncharted 2, only mercenaries!

sikbeta3242d ago

Prettty amazing numbers, keep it up, the most gamers join the PS comunity, the BEST!!!

Sevir043242d ago

Last year for the entire month of Novemeber sony sold 379k PS3's and the year before Sony Sold 460K during the entire month of Nov 2007... for them to have sold 440K+ in One week of November totally shows just how effective making the PS3 a mass market price is. They did in one week what it took an entire month 2 years in a row to sell., this is even better than there September 2009 sales figures, where they sold 490K, it's safe to say that they have sold in the upwards of 900K this month, which is a huge improvement year over year for Sony. since last year they only sold 379k for novemeber.

So if sale are indicative of progressive sell throughs for early Nov,

then i'd wager that the

Wii will have sold 1.5 million as opposed to it's 2million sold for nov in 08.
PS3 will have sold 850-900+K this Nov as opposed to it's 379k for Nov 2008.

and MS should have also seen a decline year over year like the Wii only Sell 650-750k as opposed to it's impressive 810K for the month of Nov 2008.

they haven't given us anything which means they are either still tallying(which is unlikely) or they have sold far less than they have expected and wish to not disclose Like Sony Did last year and the Year prior..

It's interesting even more that, MS hasn't even come out bragging about how they sold, since last year, They Chimed that they outsold Sony's Platform by 3:1 over Black friday weekend, and the year before that they chimed 2:1, obviously thats not the case or we would have heard this news The day of Black friday just like Last year.

But they can only be silent for so long. NPD for November will be out thursday Decemeber 17th... we'll all see then weather they like it or not. :) in any case it's great that all thre companies while some have done worse this year than lat it's still great to see they are all selling healthily, and it proves that the recession isn't really hitting the gaming industry like most would like you to believe.

BTW a big welcome to all the new PS3 owners for this month, you are now apart of a very complete gaming and entertainment community.

zeeshan3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

440,000 in US and in just one week. DAAYYYYEEEEMMMM!!!!!

Traveler3241d ago

I'm so happy to see the PS3 doing well. It completely deserves it.

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BigPete79783242d ago

Wow. I figured the bundles would sell well, but jeez. Good job Sony!

Christopher_Walken3242d ago

They sold out before I could get to the store B(

Mista T3242d ago

good stuff these sales numbers :P

Ravage273242d ago

i expected them to do very well, but not THIS well!

TheTruth20093242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

440,000 consoles in a week. Congrats to the "Sony Nation".

But you all still don't understand what's important. I know...

It's tough to get ignorance to change. But I'll try to help. :-)


That is why I find it compelling that Sony Fans and Microsoft Fans alike are so focused on who is selling more consoles.

I also find it interesting that in earlier articles today (which I missed due to actually having a career), Sony Fans were praising the numbers that VGChartz released on Black Friday's hardware numbers.

I thought VGChartz was a bogus site? Interesting.

VGChartz will release their weekly SOFTWARE Figures later this week.
And I can't wait to see the comments. Because here's a promise...


Uncharted 2 - 1.5 million copies sold
Demon Souls - 300,000 copies sold
Ratchet & Clank - 200,000 copies sold
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - 300,000 copies sold
EyePet - 90,000 copies sold

And that is after a WHOPPING 440,000 consoles sold. HUMONGOUS. Right?

Let's hope Uncharted 2 squeaks in.

And I don't want to here ONE complaint about the validity of VGChartz.

I personally think that they do a great job.

Sorry, but PS3's were bought for BluRay. You'll soon see.

And VGChartz will only prove one thing, Sony Fan...


Mista T3242d ago

I bought my PS3 for blu-ray, blu-ray games that is

Cyrax_873242d ago

Stop acting retarded. People can buy a stand alone blu-ray player for a price that's alot cheaper then a PS3.

You're just pissed because you were one of those fanboys screaming "wait till next NPD, wait till next NPD" and are now scared the 360 will sell less then the PS3 again.

Darkeyes3242d ago

Lol Truth spinning the 'TRUTH' LMFAO. Seriously man do you think people are going to read the wall of BS text you just wrote. You know why most of us are happy cause even if that 440K number is from VGZ, it means that PS3 actually sold more than 500-600K as VGZ has a trend of making PS3 numbers small.

Spin it bot, but PS3 is gonna outsell the 360 this Xmas and that too by a lot... FF13 Tsunami hits Japan next month and you will see PS3 sell more in a month than probably the number of 360's that have sold in the entire year in Japan.

Santa Hirai3242d ago

BANG down goes the failbox.

baum3242d ago

Exclusive 360 flops
Banjo Kazooie 0.6 million
Ninety-Nine Nights 0.38 million
Ace Combat 6 0.72 million
Lost Odyssey 0.82 million
Blue Dragon 0.53 million
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 0.2 million
Too Human 0.64 million
Scene-It 0.53 million
Scene-It box office smash 0.46 million
Chromehounds 0.4 million
Shadowrun 0.39 million
You're in the movies 0.43 million
Lips 0.5 million
Prey 0.28 million
Tenchu Z 0.33 million
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise: 0.33 million
MotoGP '06, 0.26 million
Ninja Blade 0.17 million
Viva Piñata: Party animals 0.17 million
The Idol Master: 0.07 million
Leisure Suit Larry Box office Bust 0.07 million
Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad 0.05 million
Lips #1 Hits: 0.04 million
Ridge Racer 6 0.2 million

Timed exclusive flops

Ninja Gaiden 2 0.96 million
Tales of Vesperia 0.45 million
Alone in the Dark 0.39 million
Vampire Rain 0.15 million
Eternal Sonata 0.24 million
Overlord II 0.18 million
Overlord 0.41 million
Infinite Undiscovery 0.54 million
Star Ocean IV 0.55 million
Last remnant 0.59 million
Beautiful Katamari 0.26 million
C&C3:RA 0.29 million

Multiplat 360 flops

SFIV PS3 = 1.45 million, 360 = 1.29 million
DMC4 PS3 = 1.26 million, 360 = 1.17 million
VF5 PS3 = 0.5 million, 360 = 0.2 million
Batman Arkham asylum PS3 = 1.26 million 360 = 1.06 m
Burnout Paradise PS3 1.12 million X360 1.09 million
Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 0.62 million X360 0.27 million
Bladestorm PS3 0.22 million X360 0.09 million
Tekken 6 PS3 0.56 million X360 0.26 million

steck673242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Obviously you do since youre the one making a big deal out of it.

Let me tell you the truth, Truth2009. PS3 is winning over the 360 so far this holiday season, so get over it you big baby.

Sheik al botto3242d ago

The flop that was hailed as the definitive racing game that ended up on everyone's shiatlist for bragging like 11 year olds.

I wonder how many employees Turn10 now has to fire to break even on that flop.

They tried to bring out a game with miniscule changes and thought they could fool another 4 million retarded xbots. But I guess 4 million xbots were still angry about Flopza 2s lies...

talltony3242d ago


First of all thank you for telling people what I have been saying for a while. You basically just said that when you buy a ps3 you are getting a more valuable product since sony is loosing money on every console sold.

lol @ The Idiot2009

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SmokingMonkey3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

i work @ a Gstop

the 6 LBP/GOW coll PS3 bundles we had were all spoken for before we opened the door on Friday!

PS3's in general have been doing very well of late ("slim effect")

360 also did well, but i can honestly tell you that the defect rate is really alarming, a lot of the 360's we sell are to replace broken one's. So we sell a lot of arcades, and the Elite LegoBatman/Pure bundle is stagnant.

The Wii has been exposed and doesn't sell like it used to to say the least. NSMB is selling really well, (but sorry Reggie, it's not going to outsell MW2)

Never go against the family (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3)

sssssssssssssssssssss.....BOO M!

3XP3242d ago

You were doing so well, then the fanboy desease got a hold of you. Now I gotta call BS. oh well you tried.

SmokingMonkey3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

i would love a MW2 360 bundle (which we can't keep in stock)

but i just don't trust the 360 (i had an xbox1 and foolishly bought a Wii)

you would not believe how many MW2 disks have come back with scratched rings in them. Over 5 during just my shifts, that i can/care to remember.

Plus, I just don't have the money for a third console. Especially with all the peripherals i would have to buy with the 360, it's just not worth it for me. (LIVE, battery packs, Network adaptor, etc)

I don't like being a "fanboy" but I just don't trust American electronics. Or cars for that matter, and I was born in the Capital of this great don't start.

However I will gladly take any 360 donations!

..and i'll say it again;

Never go against the family.

IdleLeeSiuLung3242d ago

That is funny, cause I have at least 20-30 Xbox 360 games, and 3x 360's and no game has ever had a scratched ring!

SmokingMonkey3242d ago

....but 3X 360's!!!!

not something to be proud of (unless you bought 3 working-360s), but you are correct sir, there are 360's out there that work just fine.

Guitardr853242d ago

Wow so just because you have three 360s that work you claim that there is no problem with disk scratching or rrod? who are YOU calling a fanboy?!?!

GrandTheftZamboni3242d ago

"I just don't trust American electronics." I agree in general, but a Mac Mini is a beautiful little box. Don't have anything else from Apple, but I'm under the impression that they are an exception to the rule. I used to work with Sun servers, I liked those a lot, too. Not a consumer electronics, though...

SmokingMonkey3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

very bold as I am surrounded by them where I

Gotta love that USA American Entertainment! Best in the World!

IdleLeeSiuLung3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

That is 3x working 360s. Never had an issue with any of them.

I'm not calling anyone a fanboy, I'm simply giving the opposing view. The original posting I was replying too was overly negative and I had no issues. Is it not fair that I give my view as well?

Perhaps you were referring to me being a fanboy since I said something that was NOT negative about Microsoft or their products!

KingME3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I have NEVER had a 360 scratch my disk. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, like not moving my console while my disk is spinning. Or perhaps I'm not poping the drive open while the disk is spinning up.

I don't know what it is but I have NEVER had my 360 scratch a disk. I think some people do stupid sh!t and since their parents have never allowed them to take responsibility for anything in their entire lives, they b!tch and whine to the internet because the feel nothing is ever their fault. And just like their parents, the fanboys run to their rescue but feeding their silly little crybaby frenzies.

Traveler3241d ago

I have never had my 360 scratch a disc either. I thought it was pretty well established that that only happened on earlier models and only if you move the console's position while the disc is spinning.

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