Two World Tuesday: Combat, New Screens and Gameplay Video

It's Tuesday, so that means IGN has got another Two Worlds story for your reading pleasure. This week, the good folks on the Two Worlds staff have sent over an overview of the combat you'll experience in this third-person, open world RPG. To sweeten the deal, IGN has also got a new trailer to showcase the combat and some shiny screenshots.

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alextz4244d ago

Does anyone else think that this game looks a bit too much like oblivion?

fjtorres4244d ago

Nothing wrong than hitching a ride on the reigning king of RPGs.
Only thing is, the dragon in the trailer on live makes me think more of Spyro than a real one. Their monster design sense is just a bit off.

ngg123454244d ago

That was one really bad trailer. The music, the gameplay, the animation, the framerate. Wow. I have no comment besides that.

tony4244d ago

framerate is horrible.

TheXgamerLive4244d ago

I'm really into the potential of both of these games, they each seem to bring a different feel to a similar and exciting arena.

Fable 2 has me wanting badly as well.

Waiting sux.

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