Release of the Week: Rogue Warrior

GrE writes, "Rogue Warrior could easily slip by this holiday season. Whether or not this is a good thing has yet to be determined. There are some pretty big things working against it. First of all, there has already been a first person shooter that focuses on killing Russians this year. Competing against Modern Warfare 2 isn't exactly a great business plan, as evidenced by numerous releases fleeing to the first quarter of 2010. Secondly, this game appeals to those who watched a lot of 80's movies. Hell, the main character is voiced by Mickey Rourke. Appealing to older gamers isn't a bad thing, but they only have so much time. Most of that is going towards the aforementioned Modern Warfare 2..."

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squif4859d ago

I don't know... this one looks a little shaky to me.

bgrundman4859d ago

I just seems like another person backing up the money train that is driven by MW2.

wondroushippo4859d ago

Rogue Warrior just sounds like such a vague title. Or the name of the next Sarah Palin book.

bgrundman4859d ago

If she was in it I would totally buy it... as long as she wore the bikini that she had in those fake pictures!

wondroushippo4859d ago

I can't stand her in any capacity, so I'd probably be even less inclined to buy it!

starven4859d ago

I might have to rent this one