No More Heroes Xbox 360, PS3 Has No More Motion Control

Kotaku: The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 port of No More Heroes won't take advantage of new motion control schemes for those respective platforms, according to Marvelous Entertainment head honcho Yasuhiro Wada, condemning Travis Touchdown to an analogue control fate.

Wada tells Edge Online that No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is getting the high-definition once over to "bring the game to a wider audience." To wit, Marvelous isn't "currently considering to use uncommon new technology" like Project Natal and Sony's still-unnamed(?) motion controller.

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Lou-Cipher3242d ago

I am now willing to buy this game.

Its nice to see someone has figured out that motion controls are a stupid fad that no real gamers want.

Great job Yasuhiro Wada. I applaud you.

hades073242d ago

Im afraid of it feeling like a typical beat-em up on the 360/ps3, but the best part of this game is the presentation and humour anyways.

rdgneoz33242d ago

Best part was recharging the beam katana...

sinncross3242d ago

Not at least including a patch for the PS3 motion controller (which launches the month after this) is a missed potential imho.

MEsoJD3241d ago

the motion in the ps3 controller will be utilized. Really I'm happy to

be able to play this on better controller. You'll have better control

than the remote. Hey maybe that means they'll make the game harder???

Ninji3242d ago

If I ever decide to play this game then I'll play it on the Wii. A port of a mediocre game isn't worth playing.

housegroove763242d ago

have developers abandon the sixaxis? You would think that no more heroes would at least use what Sony already has. If developers wont use the sixaxis with a game that used motion controls, it doesnt give me much hope they will support the wand when it comes out.

Polluted3242d ago

The sixaxis sucks, man. It's way less practical than the wii-mote and the upcoming ps3mote. Not that I'm a fan of any motion controls, but let's face it, the sixaxis is the bottom of the barrel in that field.

I dig my DS3 for playing real games, but if devs choose to leave that motion BS at the door, then that's fine by me. The best implementations of the sixaxis I've seen so far are in Killzone and R&C: Future and frankly I could have done without it in both games.

In fact, I kind of prefer my DS3 to my 360 pad, but I like how MS went old school with the 360 controller and left out that motion nonsense altogether.

Leave the waggle to the wii crowd, I say. No disrespect to wii owners. I like that they're out there gaming and having a good time, but they're obviously a different breed than those of us who like old school controls.

Dsnyder3242d ago

Glad someone agrees with me. Motion controllers are too laggy and unresponsive to ever replace the button. This natal thing wont work either because like the great yahtzee once said "gamers play to unwind and you DONT do that by coming home from a hard days work and flailing your arms about." When sony announced the wand I couldnt help but to think that they were just following the sellout that is nintendo who are not even selling real games anymore but just trying to sell shovelware and excersise gimmicks. Hopefully when the wand comes out gamers will reject it to show that REAL gamers dont want any motion gimmicks. But yeah we live in a world where a halo expansion priced at 60$ sells 2 million in a day so I cant even trust my fellow gamers anymore.

sinncross3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I think its a little different with the PS3 motion controller.
It does not look laggy by any means and the response time and fluidity of the showings it has had does look appealing.

I also dont think they are selling out either. Sony know what their audience wants and will keep catering to them. Games like Uncharted and GoW of War will remain with their controller schemes... the PS3 Sphere will be used to help revive older franchises (like the new Ape Escape being released) as well as cater to new IP's, and added support for older games (like RE5 and LBP).

Point is, you make it sound like PS3 owners should reject the controller altogether (putting the PS brand in more of a financial crisis situation then it already is). If Sony have made one thing clear, the PS3 Sphere is not going to replace their original controller or their attitude to game design (which is very good considering their great 1st party franchises): it will merely add a new dimension to their gaming lineup which allows them to be more competitive against the Wii. As it stands they are already catching up to the 360, they are now putting the foundation for when they go on the attack against the Wii.

Will it work? Obviously it depends on the games but their launch lineup so far includes both casual and traditional game types in it.

Maddens Raiders3242d ago

Hell no, the sixaxis was awesome in Heavenly Sword (twing-twang all day!) and what about Flower and Flow???

Sarcasm3241d ago

@Dsynder, I think that's why I like New Super Mario Bros. so much. It has very few motion control schemes in it except maybe to waggle or tilt, other than that it's a much more enjoyable experience. And no I did not like SMG very much.

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