Terminal Gamer Review - Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

From the review:

"Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising pits you in the middle of the fight for Skira Island. Like the realistic scenario surrounding the game, the gameplay itself is highly realistic. This isn't Call of Duty. One shot to the head will kill you. A shot in the leg will severely limit your ability to run, and wounds will affect your vision, your accuracy, and other factors. You will have to hide behind obstacles and locate enemies by where their fire is coming from. Suppress, flank, and assault their position. This is highly tactical, highly realistic warfare. As the back of the game's packaging suggests, this is as close to war as you'll ever want to get.

"This is what makes Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, so wonderful. There are long moments of silence. Minutes where you are running across open fields and through trees, looking around anxiously for enemy forces. Every bomb, every shaking of the screen makes you jump. Enemy fire can come from anywhere. As soon as it does, you hit the ground and try and find the source. Find cover behind trees, rocks...."

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