Screenshot slide show: Where are they now?

These famous developers are known for some of the most popular video-game franchises, and now they're working on new games for new companies. Find out what some of the industry's biggest names have been doing lately.

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Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers could be competing with Helldivers 2 very soon

The absence of Helldivers 2 on Xbox continues to be felt by its players, as Arrowhead Game Studios’ team-based shooter remains one of the year’s most popular games. However, that could soon change with the impending arrival of developer The Forge Falcons’ Xbox-exclusive Helljumpers.

rlow112h ago

Didn’t know about this one. Will keep an eye out for it.

gold_drake9h ago

"As always, we look forward to bringing the Helldivers 2 experience to Halo Infinite"

should you be chasing someone elses concept? make your own and stand out.

this is a lazy, imo, thing to do.

Redgrave50m ago

In this case, I will say that's a poor argument because look at all the soulslikes and such. There will always be the first, and then all the imitations/inspirations that follow.

gold_drake23m ago

sure, they specifically call out helldivers tho ha

repsahj17m ago

Even the name is so unique?

isarai5h ago

I don't think a forge map is going to match Helldivers 2 🤣

jznrpg38m ago

Funny. Reminds me of Chinese knockoff games

Relientk7721m ago

When I read the title, that's what I thought it was.

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Helldivers 2 player discovers that Automaton Major Orders have no impact on the story

Don't feel guilty about not wanting to fight the Automatons during the next Major Order.

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jznrpg37m ago

I like going against the Automatons better.


#Blud Review - Cute Cartoon Charm | COGconnected

#Blud summons the spirit of 90s cartoons for the vampire dungeon crawler. Will it satisfy your thirst for excitement, or will it just suck?

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