X-Play Tony Hawk: Ride Video Review

X-Play gives Tony Hawk: Ride a good solid thrashing, and resident superfan gamertag takes the skateboard peripheral out to a real skate park.

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Megaton3246d ago

Wow. I haven't really watched X-Play since 2007, but I can't even think of another game they gave a 1. Even if something was really, really turdy, if it was playable, it would get a 2.

Lou-Cipher3246d ago

This is why games should always have a controller with Buttons and Sticks, or Mouse & Keyboard.

You just cant play core games with a casual controller, it simply isn't accurate enough, and it does nothing but pi$$ off the true gamers.

housegroove763246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

they werent joking about giving the game a thrashing. Dude man at the skate park was hilarious though

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