Sony's 3D TV Future

IGN: The use of 3D technology in TVs is something we're still waiting to become fully realized. Just about every manufacturer is making an effort to bring viewers into the third dimension, however, Sony is one of the few to fully commit themselves to focusing on 3D when it comes to their future lineup, even going so far to say they predict that 3D televisions will account for 30 to 50 percent of all the TVs the company sells in the fiscal year starting April 2012.

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MetalGearRising3246d ago

When will Sony ever learn any product they make = FAIL.......Natal = Future.

Kevin Butler3246d ago

VP of disaster recognition

And I'm here to tell you Xbox 360 + Natal=

foxtheory3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I'm not a big fan of 3D in the first place, and I just can't see myself using this. I think it's a great new concept that has a strong future if it's done right, but this is not the kind of gaming experience I would like. Same with motion control, but that's another story...

Hellsvacancy3246d ago

I aint feelin the 3D revolution either, im all 4 head-trackin but 3Ds a no no in my book

Anon19743246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

3D gaming is the holy grail of gaming! I don't care who makes it, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo. I've been waiting 28 years since I first popped a cartridge into my Vic-20 for gaming to properly come into 3D, although full color, 3D gaming was science fiction for most of those years. I can't think of a single title that wouldn't benefit from going 3D. Even 2D titles like Super Mario Brothers would just pop in 3D.

When 3D games hit, I'll be first in line. I don't even care what the cost is. This is the future of gaming, not holding a pretend steering wheel in a laggy racing game or pointing my fingers at the screen and yelling "pewwww pewww" to fire a pretend gun.

sikbeta3246d ago

NAH... is not revolutionary, but still pretty GOOD!!!

Count me IN SONY


Nikuma3246d ago

3D is going to bring game immersion to a whole new level. :D

Santa Hirai3246d ago

The future is here and the future is once again brought forth by Sony and its 3D.

ReservoirDog3163246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

3D = headache for me after awhile. Meaning I don't care about 3D at all. It's annoying and gimmicky.

People argue 3D is equivalent to color in movies when black and white was only used. But I disagree. You can obviously use color in dramatic movies but I don't think for a second you can use 3D in a dramatic movie successfully. Why? Because it's gimmicky.

More power to the people who like 3D. But I'll never buy into it.

edit: @above

For the sake of conversation, why? The tv throwing stuff at you seems the opposite of immersion to me.

Anon19743246d ago

Tell you what. How about you poke out one of your eyes and go around with no 3D perception and tell us how gimmicky 3D is. I'm sure it will hardly make a difference at all.

Ju3246d ago

There is quite some difference between 3D movies and games. A game totally sucks you in because you are an active part of it, while a movie is still a passive experience. Ever played a 3D game ?

I can agree with getting dizzy after a while, though. Especially with fast camera movements in some games. It might not work for all type of games, either. But this makes much more sense than motion sensing as a stepping stone to the next game evolution, IMO.

This will push a whole industry like games pushed High Definition. It'll justify buying a 3D display like gaming justifies blue ray players right now. And there's maybe a reason, why the manufacturers will build a next-next gen console (wiggle controllers do not).

ABizzel13246d ago

Well hopefully the glasses from 3D movies work. I keep mine all the time :)

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NYC_Gamer3246d ago

Just hope this tech is made afforable for the public.

i_am_interested3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

it wont be in the beginning, initially it will most likely be branded as a premium feature catering to a small crowd - rich people, parents who want to enjoy 3d movies with their kids, and gamers who want 3d TVs as opposed to computer monitors

but eventually it will become just another added feature to HD-tvs as time goes on, as if true 120-hz accepting sets will become a new standard feature, this is when prices will become more affordable

elcompa4253246d ago


On Topic: Regardless of how innovative it may seem, I won't be participating in this type of function. I enjoy the 3dless gaming, that's more than enough.


akaFullMetal3246d ago

i really want to see what sony and others can achieve with this. Lets hope its real 3d not just a little pop up from the tv.

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