Sony's 3D TV plans become a little clearer

"Sony expects that 3D televisions will make up between 30 percent and 50 percent of all sets it sells in the financial year that begins in April 2012, a senior executive said late last week. The goal further indicates Sony's confidence in 3D entertainment ahead of a roll-out of the technology next year."

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Pen Pooh3244d ago

The 3D in Avatar the Game made my eyes go funny. Not sure I want to wear geeky spectacles whenever I play a game either.

csimpson3244d ago

Same with Beowulf in 3D. I don't see this taking off - there's too much variation in people's sight. No matter how perfect they make the technology, there will still be people who suffer from headaches, dizziness or weird vision effects. Do Not Want.

Maddens Raiders3244d ago

just keep the stellar AAA's coming, I can do w/o the DDD.

Darkeyes3244d ago

3D sounds really promising, but I don't see myself putting in another 1500-2000$ on a new 3DTV plus another 200$ on the 3D glasses. This is something Sony would probably benefit more from the next gen I guess as at those times, 3DTV will be like the current HDTVs.

Has anyone here experienced 3D gaming? My eyes hurt when I see a 3D movie, is the gaming also like that?

sikbeta3243d ago

Well, it seems like we'll have to change owr big ass TV for 3D Super-Awesome HDTVs, I'm OK with that

Bring IT ON!!!!


pain777pas3243d ago

Guys I work at a competitor and got to see the CES demo that they showed. This tech is solid and immersive and will create a whole new experience in gaming. The images are crystal clear it has to be seen to be believed. You will enjoy this when its added. Trust me.

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foxtheory3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Virtual Boy.

I'm sure it won't be as bad as that (it's not only black and red anymore), but 3D and gaming don't have the best history with each other. I'm interested in seeing if this causes any major problems, too. I know with the Virtual Boy you could only play for 30 minutes or it would be a hazard to your eyes.

sikbeta3243d ago

Virtual boy was a f*cking helmet with 3d glasses lol

This is Different and by that is Really Awesome

I want to FEEL the immersion of 3D gaming and as some PC gamers know 3D gaming is not new, but doesn't mean we can't enjoy IT


mythamp3244d ago

PS3 will kill everything out there if they can really make existing games into 3D versions with just a firmware update, though highly unlikely. I wont be exchanging my r1, r2, kz2, u1, u2, lbp, mgs 4 anytime soon!!!! :)

GameOn3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Not interested in 3D until we don't need the glasses and I know the technology is out there.

-Alpha3244d ago

The eyes after a while it should be interesting. I don't think it will work effectively for all games, but I'm dying to play WipeOut HD in 3-D.

This can be really cool or really gimmicky but at least games wont be forced around it like the majority of Wii games/motion control games that I fear will happen with the PS3 and Natal.

Ju3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

I am not sure if it's primarily the eyes which hurt. People might get headaches after a while. Simply your balance sense is out of "balance". It is a mixed sense using input from your ears and visuals (eyes). E.g. motion sickness on ships happens because your visual recognition does not match your recognition in your ears (equilibrium) simply because if you look into the distance, objects don't seam to move, while your body recognizes the waves and thus your body's movement. (*)

Same with 3D gaming (reversed, though). You eyes are made believe you move, while the equilibrium reports a perfectly still body. This will have an impact on people(s health) like epilepsy has through fast moving pictures (for sensitive people).

(*)Edit: I need to correct that. Close objects on ships don't seam to move (like the ship itself, everything on the ship) while your body moves. Looking into the distance helps because you get a reference point to "see" the ship moving...

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