Which game console should you buy?

A lot has changed since the Xbox 360 debuted in November of 2005. After what has seemed like dozens of upgrades, improvements, omissions, price drops, and bundles, the dust has settled (for now) and we're left with three competitively priced consoles.

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Why o why3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

but if I had to make 1 choice again as of now...Ps3 (insert slogan)

Santa Hirai3297d ago

PS3 thats only if your a true gamer.

PS3PCFTW3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

i buy all multiplatforms for my pc.

i buy all NEXT GEN exclusives on ps3.

i love my setup. i dont pay to play online, i dont have to worry about my systems burning up. I get all the multiplat mods for free.


i play all of this gens BEST titles online FOR FREE.

I really cant be happier. I got severall rrods, so after the last one i just built a pc for the multiplats.I figured that since the 360 is a pc hybrid, all its games would end up on pc anyway.It has paid off in spades.

I was right, its all crystal clear NOW. I am so glad i jumped out on my 3rd rrod.

My ps3 and pc fullfill all my gaming needs. i really feel like the 360 is washed up and finished. can someone prove me wrong?

lol, i also have a wii...but its really my sisters....AND i dont even think she plays it anymore.

lol i love watching people flip flop on their opinions about websites.
It seems they only give the site a thumbs up, if and only when the website praises what these flipfloppers prefer.

u guys remind me of kimbo slice.

Oldsnake0073296d ago

they should have shown Forza 3 for the 360 AND Uncharted 2 for the ps3.

presto7173296d ago

I refused to watch the whole thing.

Shove it.

LightofDarkness3296d ago

There is no definitive choice. Whichever one has more of the games/services you want is the one you want. Typically, for most people there is no big choice: they have their minds made up all ready. They've researched it, know the games and have been saving the money. I've found the trigger that prompts people to upgrade to or buy a new console is them seeing a game they really like in action and the decision is made there and then. Not once has someone said "hmm, do I want a PS3 or a 360?" Nor have I seen someone (or been able to) convince another person to go with another option over another. Pointless, pointless article.

If I didn't all ready own both, I suppose I would choose the PS3 as of now, based on the few exclusive titles that tickle my fancy, as I have a nice high-powered gaming PC for the majority of multi-plats. Yep, even GTAIV runs silky smooth thanks to my recent CPU upgrade, and once Fermi hits I'll be picking one of those up too so I can get my DX11 on :)

GWAVE3296d ago

Oh, what will Cnet say? (I'm not even giving them a click)

I'd say PS3. It had the best year BY FAR in '09, it is looking to have the best year in '10, and this will probably continue on for the years to follow.

I mean, the "other console" gamers are STILL talking about Smash Bros, Halo, Gears, and Mario Galaxy. PS3 gamers are the only console owners consistently talking about NEW games and EXCLUSIVE games.

ABizzel13296d ago

All 3 consoles have their advantages.

Honestly cnet did a decent job with this. I say buy a PS3 first exclusives reign supreme, a 360 second multiplats and exclusives are very good games, and a Wii last great for holidays and family gatherings.

darthv723296d ago

get the one you will have the most fun on. People are all different with different personal views of "fun". All three offer fun in their own respected games.

You really can't choose the wrong system when it comes down to personal preference. You can, however, in the eyes of fanboys.

Guido3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Free online play, built-in WiFi and BD all rolled up in one well priced bundle... Yeah, you can't go wrong with the best. Sony PS3, the best and most reliable console on the market.

To make it clear, I once was a PS360 fan but after 5 Xbox 360's dying on me I gave up on them. Now I am a PS3/PC fan.

stb3296d ago

why do you care...W/o these boys, sony pplay station will still be the best brand out there for gamers, cus they are the only one here who give what gamers want and so on en on. xbox nice try but good bay, wii well it is wii.

So what do u even care in getting sick for a bunch of crpbags that dont kno nothing!!!!pity.

bigrudowsky3296d ago

Youre either rich or ignorant why in the world would you buy that many xboxes if you can simply get them repaired. just wondering

Guido3295d ago

Three words: in store warranty.

I only bought one but had to return the pile of dog poo 5 times. The sixth Xbox 360 sits on my entertainment center right now and has been turned on twice since the last return. After the PS3 was given netflix I have no need to even bother turning it on.

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ape0073297d ago

ps3 and 360,I don't know why you get disagrees

why ps3 only,don't know Y ????

ps3 has amazing exclusives and I get some of multiplat titles on it

360,it have amazing exclusives too and I get most multiplat on it,cause xbox live is more fun than psn,that's why many got mw2 on 360

anyway,2010 looks absolutely mindblowing

never seen a year with so much explosive games

gow3,halo reach,gt5,conviction,mass effect 2 to name very few

proud to be a gamer

RememberThe3573297d ago

But it's great having both core consoles. Even having a Wii for Mario and Zelda(if it ever actually comes out) would be worth it - Ok maybe not but if you have the extra money and it's either burn it or spend it then go for the Wii.

Oldsnake0073296d ago

having all 3 is the way to go, even if dont have money like me and dont want to pay for live

you buy a ps3 know for all the exclusives and Third party games, free online etc. for 300 bucks

Then you buy a Wii when its 150

and finally buy a 360 when its 150 (again, i dont fu*king care for live and dont wanny pay for this bullshit)

ViciousBoston3296d ago

I'm tired of people saying the Xbox has good exclusives when it clearly has mid 80's rated games at best. Gears of War 1&2 would be the exception. Halo's did not deserve a 90+ they're all hype. Forza was a 88 at best, it had extreme clipping issues which is a huge part of any competitive racer. being able to nudge a car near you off the road near you is huge and if you have to slide til you're 1/3rd of the way inside of a car to hit it, thats aweful not to mention it needed 2 discs to run the game. Left 4 Dead isn't exclusive, don't go there. Call Of Duty isn't exclusive either even if you 360 fans would like to believe it is. Halo: ODST was an overpriced expansion for Halo with a 5 hour campaign. If I wanted to shelve out 60 dollars for a mediocre campaign i'd go play Haze.

The only system that has continued to have unique titles that deliver a hard hitting experience is the Playstation 3. Now the 8-14 year olds of the world will disagree with me because they've not been around for Atari/Super NES days/Sega Genesis days. Growing up eras you realize the growth of games. Kids who are just jumping into Microsofts Xbox360 have been brainwashed and turned into foul mouth, ignorant, and incoherant youths who just swallow anything thrown at you and accept it as fact. It makes me sick -.-

jessupj3296d ago

Honestly, in my opinion, a PS3PC combo is the best. Almost all 360 games are released on pc. The PC version is almost always the superior version, and it has free online dedicated servers and mod support. Dedicated servers is a HUGE factor and I can't understand why a lot of 360 fans dismiss it. Maybe it's because they don't know anything better outside their laggy P2P service, I don't know.

PC might cost a little more, but honestly I see no reason to get a 360 except for maybe gears. Lucky for MS, most consumers don't find out all the facts, because if they did the 360 probably wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is.

And of course a PS3 for it's exclusives.

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MetalGearRising3297d ago

xbox360 thats only if your a true gamer.

cyborg69713296d ago

The 360 if your a rich gamer who can afford all of the periphs. The 360 if your a patient gamer if your willing to wait for games and the return of a refurb console. The 360 if you have no commen sense.

darthv723296d ago

The only system to offer that is....the one for me.

HolyOrangeCows3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Like Great Games? PS3.
Like Great Graphics? PS3.
Like Playing online on dedicated servers? PS3.
Like Reliability? PS3.

Like using Twitter on limited applications? Xbox 360.
Love short, ugly looking games? Xbox 360.
Like Paying $50 a year for P2P multiplayer? Xbox 360.
Love having 30+% chance of having your product break? Xbox 360.

user39158003296d ago

PS3 If you are planning BBQ. Wii if you plan to use the rest room and 360 if you are a true gamer.

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Narutone663297d ago

you'll buy a PS3. If you have the money, get a Wii and a PS3.

ape0073296d ago

so intelligent


so you are stupid if you want to play 360 games and xbox live


ChickeyCantor3296d ago

"If you're an intelligent gamer"

Ah yes thats why this website is overrun by kids...

lh_swe3296d ago

For them the 360 isn't the greatest idea?

But if you have enough money buy both, with Live.

LightofDarkness3296d ago

So you actually think you're smarter than everyone else because you bought a PS3? What, do you think the cell somehow boosts your IQ as well?

I'll say it again, you'll buy the machine that has the games/services you want. End of story. There is no definitive console, no "high society" of eugenicist overlord PS3 owners (really, this was a pretty dumb comment, but if you hang around here enough you might get that impression), buying any of the machines does not mean that you're mentally challenged in some way. It just means you spent YOUR money on something YOU like (hopefully, otherwise you ARE a moron, or one of those people that buys things so they can complain about them).

nycredude3296d ago

Although Narutone sounds like that comment was a direct insult at people who buy 360, it comes with some truth.

If you buy a console that is proven to have hardware issues upwards of 50% failure rate, lacking basic frills that the competive console(S) have out of the box, and on top of that also pay for online gaming that is free EVERYWHERE else (that doesn't even utilize dedicated server), then I wouldn't blame someone for questioning your intelligence. Oh I almost forgot buying the same console over and over even after it dies on you DEFINITELY Qualifies you as a person of subpar intelligence, or at the very least of questionable judgement.

FYi I DO have a 360 but I knew what I was getting into and bought a second hand 360 with halo3, Fable 2, TopSpin 2 and Madden 08 for $100 so the risk was calculated.

Guido3296d ago

"If you buy a console that is proven to have hardware issues upwards of 50% failure rate, lacking basic frills that the competive console(S) have out of the box, and on top of that also pay for online gaming that is free EVERYWHERE else (that doesn't even utilize dedicated server), then I wouldn't blame someone for questioning your intelligence. Oh I almost forgot buying the same console over and over even after it dies on you DEFINITELY Qualifies you as a person of subpar intelligence, or at the very least of questionable judgement."

Quote of the mother f*cking day. Thank you. Bubbles.

djfullshred3296d ago

If people are truely intelligent, they will most likely be doing more productive & creative things with their minds, and not playing video games. Perhaps making the games other people play. ;-)

I say this with all due respect as one dumb video game player to all the others out there.

jessupj3296d ago

If you're going to have such a negative, traditional, out dated, arrogant view of video games I think you shouldn't be here. Following your logic, I could say the same about books, movies, tv and a lot of other hobbies. But it's a way for people to relax, unwind, enjoy, take yourself away from your stressful life and entre another reality for a while. If you're going to insult our hobby without any comprehension or understanding of it (because you cleary don't when you say what you did) I suggest you don't comment again.

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kaveti66163297d ago

My cousin's husband works for JPL, makes god knows how much money a year, has a nice house, has a nice car, has a 47 inch 1080p Samsung HDTV etc, and got a PS3 for his birthday. The first game he played on it was Uncharted 2. So, on Thanksgiving I was at his house, and he was using his PS3 to stream music from his laptop. He told me he didn't think Uncharted 2's graphics were that much better than the 360 games he played on his television, all in hi-def.

I don't know what to say about that. If anyone can make a proper, unbiased, subjective comparison, it's him.

He has a great HDTV, great surround sound speakers, and he doesn't have any reason to be biased.

So, then. If you can only get one console? My advice is to buy the one that you think will have games that interest you.

Don't listen to all this garbage about which console is gonna be the best bang for your buck, or which console is gonna be "future proof." Or even which console has the "best" exclusives. None of that crap matters to an unbiased person.

An unbiased person should play games that he likes, and not give a crap what other people say. You might like Halo 3 more than anything else. Or you might like Killzone 2 more than anything else. Accommodate yourself with the console that fits your interests, not the one that people say is "the best one".

Myst3296d ago

"So, then. If you can only get one console? My advice is to buy the one that you think will have games that interest you. "

Agreed and bubbles.

Pennywise3296d ago

Her husband said it, it must be true. He is the definition of unbiased.

gaffyh3296d ago

Well, if he's owned a 360 for so long, he already is biased. Uncharted 2 is without a doubt one of the best looking console games available, and the only other game that maybe looks better is Killzone 2.

But Uncharted 2 isn't great ONLY because of its graphics, its great because of everything about it. The audio, gameplay, movements, everything is so natural and realistic, makes the gaming experience so much better than any game that came before it. In that respect, Uncharted 2 is easily the best game ever made.

UltimateIdiot9113296d ago

Just because someone has nice stuff doesn't mean they are unbiased. Everyone has a preference, it's hard to be objective. I have relatives who have HD home theater setups, but I wouldn't trust their opinion for a second about what's better. I may not be able to afford a hd home theater set up as I'm still in college but I have a good deal of experience with HD set ups since I'm usually the friend that runs around with tech support and recommending gadgets/electronic.

In the end, an average consumer, doesn't matter if he's rich or poor, will probably have a hard time distinguishing the graphic difference Super Mario Wii from RC:ACIT.

Myst3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I don't get it are we disagreeing on the Uncharted opinion or the own the console with the games you prefer piece? I think that the opinion on owning the console that will have the games you prefer the most is one of the best pieces of advice before making the leap into next-gen systems.

Nevermind lol I'm just tired I see and even read some people talking of Uncharted 2; but for some reason it just didn't click in my mind. Though I still think that it is a good piece of advice, excluding the Uncharted 2 comment.

rockleex3296d ago

He's supposedly super rich, or at least really rich.

But he can't even afford to buy an HDTV larger than 47 inches? He can't even afford to buy a PS3 for himself?

I know people who work as electricians that have 70+ inch HDTVs.

Whether he is unbiased or not, if he has no knowledge of computer graphics then his opinion is worthless.

Anyways, here is a quick way to let your cousin's husband know that he is wrong.



nycredude3296d ago

I am working on buying my first hopefully nice house, have a nice car, a really nice 56" HDTV, a 360 and a Ps3. I can be honest and say that Uncharted 2 is by far better than anything on the 360! If you can't see that you are blind!

Regardless of that FACT, if you have an nice HDTV, then it automatically makes more sense for you to get the Ps3, simply because it can play bluray movies, which will help you get the most out of your expensive TV.

djfullshred3296d ago

It's hard to tell the difference in graphics quality on smaller screens. 47" is small these days. I have heard many people say that you need to get larger than 50" to even see the diff between 720 & 1080 resolution. With bigger screens, you start noticing lower resolution graphics.

kaveti66163296d ago

The majority of the people who commented on my original post, including Pennywise and Gaffyh, can admit that they are moderately biased in favor of the PS3.

"I can be honest and say that Uncharted 2 is by far better than anything on the 360! If you can't see that you are blind!
Regardless of that FACT, if you have an nice HDTV, then it automatically makes more sense for you to get the Ps3, simply because it can play bluray movies, which will help you get the most out of your expensive TV."

Hey, Nycredude, it really sucks that your statement has absolutely no objectivity in it, yet you use the term FACT. People see what they want to see. I tried seeing what all the fanboys were seeing when they said that Gears of War 2 looked like crap. Guess what. I didn't see crap.

All I was saying was that my cousin's husband, who does know a lot about computers and does make a lot of money, and has absolutely no ties with either Microsoft or Sony, doesn't really see the big deal in Uncharted 2. He said he finished the game in one day. Did he go bonkers about it? No.

So, why don't you guys step outside of your little bubbles for a moment and accept that just because you think that GRAPHICS are like the BIGGEST DEAL EVER, other people couldn't care less. HE is unbiased in the sense that there is absolutely no conflict of interest for him. I tend to see that a lot of people on this site that are bashing one console or the other are always bringing up PRICE.

This guy spent maybe 2 minutes pointing out the positives and negatives of both consoles. He didn't give a crap because there was absolutely nothing in the world that was twisting his arm to make him say, "The Xbox is a failbox" or "The playstation is a delaystation." But the fanboys on this site will forever argue about stupid little things, graphics being one of them and that is probably because of some grudge they hold against the companies that make the consoles.

And let me get one thing straight. 47 INCHES is not large enough?

Are you guys serious? If I had said 50, you would have said, "60 is better."

Anyways, my point still stands.
If the only games I loved were 360 exclusives, then I would just as well have stuck with 360. And for the longest time, all I cared about was Halo, because it was fun and I had a blast playing with my friends. I could still go back to that one day.

I'm not saying that Uncharted 2 isn't great (In fact I ordered it from Amazon the other day), but what I am saying is that the rest of the world doesn't see things the way fanboys do. The average person is not going to see the major difference between Uncharted 2 and Gears of War 2 in terms of fidelity. I love games and even I had trouble with it. I'm not saying Gears 2 is better looking, I'm just saying that in terms of visuals, one wouldn't look at Gears 2 and say, "Oh, that looks terrible. I knew I should have gotten a PS3."

rockleex3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

That in itself negates everything else you said.

Once again, I encourage you to look at these comparisons and tell me with a straight face that Uncharted 1's graphics aren't that much better than Gears 2.



Now for your cousin's husband to say that Uncharted 2's graphics aren't that much better than Gears 2 is just PREPOSTEROUS.

No one cares about a random guy who is supposedly unbiased. He could play whatever he wants, and like whatever he wants. People just don't agree with his "opinion" on graphical facts.

gaffyh3295d ago

@4.9 - I'll admit, I do prefer the PS3, but when I got my 360 a couple of years ago, the first game I played was Gears of War. Without a doubt it was the best looking console game I'd ever played, and it held that crown for a long time (followed by Gears 2). UNTIL Killzone 2 came along, if you actually own a PS3 and have played Killzone 2 (and now Uncharted 2), the difference in graphics is mind blowing.

Nothing that is even on the horizon for 360 looks as good as either of these games. For example, KZ2 looks so good, that in some respects e.g. atmosphere, it even rivals Crysis. Though Crysis looks amazing at high settings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to Alan Wake and Splinter Cell, but Xbox-only owners that argue against the PS3 in terms of graphics are fighting a losing battle, they are in the 5 stages of grief, first stage denial.

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