Top 7 blatantly sexist game advertisements

GamesRadar writes:

"We suspect it's very difficult to work in game advertising. Videogames are a scary new artistic medium, and as such, not everyone knows how to market them – even to their target demographic. More than with anything else, videogame ad-makers love to target their audience with sex and sexy imagery, but that's nothing surprising – advertisers have been using gender dynamics to sell products on TV since the Folgers coffee days.

Still, as games branch out and begin to reach a wider audience, advertisers are relying on more and more out-there PR stunts to get their product noticed. Where is this marketing madness heading? Well, we certainly don't have the answers here. What we do have is a collection of game ads that veered way off course in trying to appeal to their target demographic, and instead came off as 30- to 40-second chunks of ridiculous, outrageous sexism."

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Serjikal_Strike3297d ago

with 7-2

go straight to #1 if u wanna see a topless chick

Darkstorn3297d ago

I suppose they're sliiiightly misogynistic, but they're not blatantly sexist.

Max Power3297d ago

I read you comment before going to that site, listen to this man.

Redempteur3297d ago

i loved the super princess peach littel warrior ads

GREAT ad , GREAT game

and i still don't see what's wrong with kevin butler ads either .

Thats is sexism ?

Maybe that word don't have the same meaning for than for him

-Alpha3297d ago

Seems like they are running out of "Top X" ideas.

In all honesty though, these are all light-hearted jokes to grab people's attentions like a good ad should. Anyone seriously campaigning that it's sexist needs to calm down.

Now Fat Princess-- THAT I can understand feminists seeing as sexist Lol.