Gamespot: Mass Effect 2 Hands-On Impressions - New Character Reveal

The original Mass Effect proved that not every new installment in a three-part trilogy needs to conclude with an unsatisfying cliffhanger ending. With Commander Shepard and his crew having taken care of Saren and the Geth, players were able to wrap up that first chapter in a way that left them feeling as though their actions had already left a lasting mark on the galaxy. But at the same time, the galaxy in Mass Effect was a big one, and it was still easy to walk away from the game with the sense that you had only begun to scratch the surface of the world (or worlds) around you. Mass Effect 2, due out in January, will do its part to flesh out the universe and denizens that made the original story so compelling.

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GameOn3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Yes mate, one of my favorite series ever (so far). I know it's not to everybodys taste but I love sci-fi and I really love Mass Effect.

Nihilism3242d ago

*squeels*, seriously this game just keeps looking better and better. I can't believe how much better it looks than the first, and I mean in every conceivable way. ME1 was also pretty awesome looking, so I can't even imagine how shocking the changes will be once we get our hands on it.

PC version for me, jan 26th can't come soon enough. Followed shortly after by bioshock 2, 2010 is going to be the best year for gaming we have seen in a long time.

XxZxX3242d ago

I love mass effect, then i played dragon age.. OMG it's awesome. still this is a day one purchase for me

MetalGearRising3242d ago

Another AAAAAAAAA+ game for xbox360 due out 2010 makes me proud to own a xbox360 only console nothing else comes close.

Nihilism3242d ago

"nothing else comes close"

I am buying this on pc. Your trolling is third rate, you even make the rabid ps3 fans look good. Enjoy the game and stop the console war B.S.

champ213242d ago

ps3 comes close in terms of performance sometimes out doing the xbox viceversa, though both of them are pretty much obselete.

Back to topic, ill be getting the HD version (pc) ;-)

t8503242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

i wonder what res the xbox version will be running at?

maybe 600p with 25fps low AA or maybe none at all.

the first masseffect had bad fps issues on the 360, i wouldnt be surprised if the same was true for this one.

didnt we hear reports of 360's getting RROD issues due to this game in beta testing, would be funny if those issues surfaced on the final version.

pc version all the way.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

lolz, ps3 gamers trying to make a joke.

hahaha, oh wow.

it runs at, that's metal gear solid 4.

1280x720 with 2xaa, retards, lol.

you must want mass effect2 on your ps3 badly don't you?

here, here you go, you can keep tabs on that.
it'll help you keep track of how many sub hd games ps3 has.

Nihilism3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

yet another fail, none of the people that responded to you are ps3 gamers, you really are a dumb sh!t aren't you.

You're ranting to an empty room, you come across as an idiot time and time again. Like I said, stop the fanboy sh!t, your embarrassing yourself.

EDIT: yet another fail, you've outdone yourself. All 3 people said they were getting the pc version, then you started saying they were desparate for it on ps3. Illiterate much?

The 360 version will be the inferior version dumbass

wow do you really have a PC!!!!!!!!!! how exciting for you, it must really be a POS if you're getting ME2 on 360 instead of PC

"they just want to avoid getting a 360 all together. "

Of course they do, why would they downgrade, for the same reason I wouldn't buy a 360, I have a good F-ing pc, there is no need

I have no intention of getting Alan Wake, but anyone with half a brain knows that every single multiplat looks and plays better on pc, you just keep digging your hole deeper don't you.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

bullsh!t, just because you own a pc doesn't mean you don't own a can have both.

i have both.....and if i didn't have a pc i wouldn't typing this message.

lolz, and it's already a proven fact that a majority of ps3 gamers have PCs as it is, they just want to avoid getting a 360 all together.

edit, i think you've done enough degrading your self (dchalfont) so why don't you just drop it. you can get the pc version of alan wake too for all i care.....lolz, oh, well, maybe if you begged Microsoft for it first.

edit2, ok that's cool i'm playing a good demo of bayonetta right get the superior pc version of that game, which doesn't exist or the inferior ps3 version, can miss out on an other good game all together, your choice.

Nihilism3242d ago

yeah i couldn't give a F about bayonetta, i care so little that I know nothing about it, i'm looking forward to some decent games not 360 crap

champ213242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

poor deluded xbot.

let him be.. paying unnecessary taxes to microsoft per game.

then ending up with a low res poor copy, only to be charged for dlcs later lol.

regarding alan wake, its probably the only exclusive bots are getting next year worth mentioning along with a rehashed gaylo. Who cares?

for 1-2 exclusive games a year bots are willing to play all the rest of their games in sub hd, plus pay a higher price at the same time. Talk about taking it up the rear.

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foxtheory3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I'll take her! Biotic chaos FTW!!

So many new, awesome characters!! Legion and Thane are already badass enough, and Bio hasn't even revealed all of the characters yet!!

dgroundwater3242d ago

"But because Shepard was angry and unwilling to put up with all of that, the game offered us the ability to get right to the point. And we'll admit, doing that made us feel pretty damn tough."

Lol I love it. I know it sounds nerdy, but intimidate options make your d*** bigger.

Nihilism3242d ago

The most satisfying option ever in a game for me was when that manipulative reporter harasses you, and you choose the renegade option of slapping her down. I made a save game just before it so I could load it up and whip her ass again...and again.

kaveti66163242d ago

It's looking fantastic. I gotta play the first some time. I bought it 5 months ago and didn't really get into it.

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