Chris Sanders Reprising Role As Stitch In Birth By Sleep?

Kingdom Hearts Union: "Chris Sanders, co-writer and director of the popular 2002 film Lilo and Stitch, is confirmed to reprise his role as the voice of Stitch in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Sanders notably left Disney, and questions remained about whether he would still reprise his role in the upcoming video game, but according to a member on, that's exactly what he'll be doing. In an email, he also confirms that he's finished his recording sessions for the game."

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ReservoirDog3163336d ago


I really have to find my Lilo and Stitch dvd though. Haven't got a clue where I put it.

Shotgun_Roamer3336d ago

i think the most interesting part of this is that his vocal sessions are already over. That shows good progress has been made already, nice to hear

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