Jesse McCartney Confirms His Voice For Birth By Sleep

Jesse McCartney, well known for his work as the voice of Roxas in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, has confirmed via his personal Twitter that he will be appearing in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.

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Kyll3247d ago

huzzah, that guy that does an okay job xD

mephman3247d ago

Yea, I think people are pretty happy about this announcement.

iamtehpwn3247d ago

He does play a mighty good Roxas/Ventus.

STK0263247d ago

meh, as long as he doesn't sing, I'm alright with it.

ReservoirDog3163247d ago

Yeah, no matter how weird it is that the voice behind Roxas in KH2 is, no one can deny that he does a pretty outstanding job in it.

I remember when I heard he was gonna be a main character in KH2, I thought it was a bad move. But I think he does an even better job than the voice of Sora.

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Unicron3247d ago

Bring back Billy Zane as Xehanort dammit!

Briefcase Joe3247d ago

Jesse McCartney is soooooo dreamy!

Da One3247d ago

for the US release is not far behind

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