No Final Fantasy For Xbox 360

Looking for more Final Fantasy following the Xbox 360 port of Final Fantasy XI? Then you're going to have to look to a different next generation system. A Square Enix executive has disclosed to Japan's Nikkei BP that the company currently has no plans for Final Fantasy games on the 360.

Noting that the PS3 is getting Final Fantasy XIII, the website asked Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto if the Wii or Xbox 360 will also be getting games in the series. "For the Wii, we have FF Crystal Chronicles in production," replied Hashimoto. "As for FF on the Xbox 360, it's currently a completely blank page."

Strong words from Hashimoto, although perhaps if everyone goes out and buys Last Remnant, Square Enix will have a change of heart.

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SimmoUK4568d ago

Finally Square comes out and says it how it is, not that they have time to care about internet rumours...

TruthHurts4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

the topics finally over.
thank god.
good luck w/ blue dragon

edit:peole diagree w/ the weirdest stuff on this site.


man your sensitive, i was not flaming anything i seriouly meant good luck w/ blue dragon. Fuk Blue dragon it sux, is that better.
grown a pair. you diagree that this topics over? you diagree w/ me giving luck to blue dragon?


JsonHenry4568d ago

Even if I did not own both systems... I would not care. FF is like Halo. Both are over-rated pieces of crap.

You want a GOOD RPG? Try Mass Effect when it finally ships.

BIadestarX4568d ago

Actually.... I think people disagree with the fact that this anouncement has nothing to do with blue dragon... yet you had to drop a little bit of flame to start a flame war. So, technically you deserve it.

Sexius Maximus4568d ago

I believe FF13 may not cross over, but a new Final Fantasy MMO has already been confirmed BY SQUARE for 360 and Vista...

360 WILL get something Final Fantasy esqe' maybe just not FF13.

TruthHurts4568d ago

i know,
you dont believe anything good will happen for ps3.

BitbyDeath4568d ago

Final Fantasy and Mass Effect are completely different types of games what next you gonna compare Pacman to Forza?

Numark4568d ago

Um, FF is a traditional RPG while Mass Effect is a westernized RPG. But still an RPG. Pacman and forza are not even close to being the same thing.

Nice try with making analogy make sense. you were close.

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Lacarious4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

The PS3 will be dead when FF XIII hits

Fanboys make me laugh

SimmoUK4568d ago

don't cry, seriously anyone who thinks PS3 is going to be dead after this fall is a complete joker... but on a good note Final Fantasy is PS3 only...

TruthHurts4568d ago

you must not like reality.

Honeal2g4568d ago

it would kinda suck if it were ported its the reason i bought Ps1,ps2 and now will be the reason i get my ps3 unless something were to change from now till spring 08 .... although it would feel weird playin it outside a sony console

Lacarious4568d ago

why would I care if FF is on the 360 or not? It's not like I'm sitting here watching my system collect layer of dust after layer of dust waiting for the next big game to hit in 2008. c'mon fanboys....

AlkalineGreg4568d ago

I love all 3 consoles (finally got them all) but i really want to see FF stay a PS3 exclusive, simply because i want to see how square use Blu Ray to their advantage, and if anyone is to show us just how powerful the PS3 is, then Square will be the ones to do it, they always push the envelope, can't wait to get my hands on it now :)

Rockstar4568d ago (Edited 4568d ago )

Then you must laugh at yourself quite a bit then.

I'm just going out on a limb here but I'm guessing the PS3 isn't going to die, that statement right there screams fanboy.

G_CodeMonkey4568d ago

Why would they turn down the potential cash horde the 360 offers? While they'll score on the Wii, the much smaller market of the PS3 doesn't make a lot of sense, if they are actually in business to make $$$. gCM

rosko4864568d ago

I don't know about others, but the excuse above me is really starting to get old.

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sticky doja4568d ago

Guess I'll have to wait till the PS3 drops its price before I get to play the next FF.

SimmoUK4568d ago

I hope one day you can afford a PS3 because i'd understand why you'd just want a 360 if PS3 didn't have exclusive games, but it's going to have lots that you can only get on PS3 Sony made sure of that when they came out last this generation...

Odion4568d ago

Is anyone really surprised?????

I am not, and for the time being I don't really care, we've got LO and others coming out not to mention the best western RPG's so ya, enjoy Final Fantasy

fenderputty4568d ago

Anymore people talking about this rumor. NOw get me the game so I can buy it day one.