iPhone Review: Star Wars Trench Run | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Ultimately I would love to see the original PC X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter game make its way to the iPhone, but if this was comparatively priced, it would have to be $75. I hope THQ can update the game with a bit more depth to help the price/content ratio. They could add in the Millennium Falcon turret sequence or the timeless AT-AT battle on Hoth. As it stands now, only the hardcore Star Wars fan should apply to the academy."

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starven3246d ago

I vote for X-Wing vs Tie Fighter!

roblef3246d ago

This LOOKS good, but sounds awful.

roblef3246d ago

Blargh. I'd think THQ, of all places, could do a little better than this?

bgrundman3246d ago

but why bother when nerds like me will buy it anyway like morons?

wondroushippo3246d ago

You are a consumer whore...and how!

bgrundman3246d ago

Good or not, if it has Star Wars in it, they get my money... :(