Digital Foundry: 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off Round 23

In what's likely to be the last Face-Off of 2009, Digital Foundry does a little housekeeping, sifting through the teetering piles of code dotted around the office, picking out the most intriguing games they've yet to cover.

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ubiquitious3248d ago

What is it, 23-0 for the XBOX 360?

frostypants3248d ago

When the 360 version looks better than the PS3: "The 360 wins!"
When the PS3 version looks better than the 360: "Hey, look how awesome the PC version is, even though the PC is supposed to be outside our realm of comparison!"

I have Dragon Age on my PC, and frankly no one should be bragging about its graphics on any platform. Decent enough game though.

4Sh0w3248d ago

I guess we read two different things, according to this article the ps3 version of Dragon Age had some strengths and weaknesses, just like the 360 version, and judging from what I read the PC version runs, looks and plays better in every aspect than both the console versions.

"Failing that, the console conversions are about equal; their technical differences essentially cancel each other out."

Seems like a pretty straight-forward explanation to me.

roybatty3248d ago

I love my ps3, but one place it consistently seems to lose on is gfx. Oh well remember xbox vs ps2? We all know how that ended.

DaTruth3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

The packet sizes for 360 Dragon Age add up to 6.75GB, the most a 360 disk can hold which obviously makes sense. The PS3 packets are nearly identical in size, even though the Bluray disk can hold 4 times that data single layered! The PC version is 16 gigs in all because size constraints are of no consequence.

It is clear they are importing the compressed 360 code straight over to the PS3 version in an attempt to make them exactly the same, even though regardless of the graphics, that could actually be limited due to system constraints, the audio needn't be compressed nor limited on the PS3 version and is limited on 360 version due to disk size constraints exclusively. It is likely the exact same is taking place in the graphics portion!

The fact that they would place limits on the PS3 version where clearly none are necessary is a testament to this gen and its "sameness" approach to multiplatform gaming! Devs everywhere are attempting to use no part of the PS3 advantages and are making direct PC ports from medium settings to 360 to PS3.

It is no wonder PS3 gamers hate multiplatform games so much! The graphics in both console versions could probably be better except for the 360 disk size exclusively and so disk size is clearly important in graphics whether 360 fanboys believe it or not. Notice no game on the 360 is less than 6.75GB; Every game stops at disk size limitations! And now we know every PS3 multiplat game also stops at 6.75GB!

DaTruth3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

_________________PC _____________360_____________P S3
Modules/Audio__1.96GB________ ___1.34GB__________1.48GB
Modules/Data____3.2GB________ ___2.34GB__________2.33GB
Packages/Audio__698MB________ ____302MB___________275MB
Packages/Data___2.6GB________ ___1.24GB__________1.21GB
Packages/Env____4.9GB________ ___1.07GB___________896MB

Very telling indeed; The PS3 version would show major improvement just from having no compression especially with the Cell specializing in streaming uncompressed textures! Why have compression in your programming when none is necessary.

jalen2473248d ago

This just confirms what we have all known for a while...The 360 holds back PS3 games.

darthv723248d ago

these comparisons are pointless.

DaTruth3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

You're right! It's like having a penis size contest where you win or lose by a nanometer.

Not gonna change much when pleasing the ladies!

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jalen2473248d ago

What are you guys talking about when you say the 360 wins again. Did you even read the article. They are basically saying that these games are like for like.

DaTruth3248d ago

And risk having their 360 fanboy beliefs discredited before their very eyes!

Why would they want to do a silly thing like that?!!

darthv723248d ago

It was fun for a while but now it is just pointless with all these microscopic differences.

In the end, get the game for the system you play most.