Ubisoft not finding much success with latest Wii games

According to Ubisoft, while Assassin's Creed 2 has been successful thus far, the same cannot be said for their Wii products.

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Valay3248d ago

This makes me wonder how Red Steel 2 will do next year. If I had to guess, I'd say that it'll do better than some of their recent Wii games, if not for the fact that there will be a MotionPlus bundle option.

SpoonyRedMage3248d ago

Well apart from Rabbids go Home what have they released this year that was worth getting? or in fact at all?

All their other Wii games have either been shovelware or underwhelming(TMNT Smash-up) and with the Rabbids, the first game was good but the second and third were crap and then Rabbids Go Home was gret but they'd damaged the brand.

Valay3248d ago

@ Mage - Rabbids Go Home was good, Shaun White/TMNT weren't bad at all. On the other hand, there were some underwhelming titles like Academy of Champions.

TotalPS3Fanboy3248d ago

It's time they shift their priority to the PS3.

NateNater3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Try New Super Mario Bros Wii. Its definitely worth buying or at least trying.

Edit: I thought you were talking about all wii games in general. I forgot that it was just about Ubisoft. Sorry. But still, try mario out if you haven't. Its fun.

Smacktard3248d ago

Uh... that's because Ubisoft have been making terrible titles for the Wii. I can't think of any Ubisoft Wii game I'd even want to play besides Rabbids Go Home

edit: Oh, and No More Heroes.

Ryo-Hazuki3248d ago

Making better games for the Wii is not the issue. Games such as Madworld and No More Heros which are good games still dont sell worth a damn. If you dont have nintendo stamped on aint selling.

Smacktard3248d ago

Uh... No More Heroes sold well enough to warrant a sequel, well enough to "bring tears of joy" to the producer's eyes, and it was Suda's highest-selling game. Also, MadWorld was super niche. Okami sold better on the Wii than it did on the PS2. Does this mean that no PS2 games sold well?

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MetalGearRising3248d ago

Don't worry you'll have plenty of success with Natal. (It Only Does Everything)

2-oj3248d ago

ROFLMMFAO! Pennywise bubbles...

baum3248d ago

What is it with Metal Gear Retard's tendency of posting most words with initial Caps?

Gamer713248d ago

...and I predict a port of Red Steel 2 to 360 and PS3, just like with No More Heroes. Mature games simply fail on the Wii.

tunaks13248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

whats funny is that Ubi wont publish NMH on the PS3 and 360. About Red steel 2, go and check how the first one sold before you pull out dumb arguments out of your ass.

Seferoth753248d ago

You mean like how Ubisoft is only making a Shaun White sequel for the Wii and dropping the 360 and PS3 completely because of poor sales... Last time I checked 360/Ps3 owners are only getting a watered down port of NMH and Wii owners are getting the full sequel....

Anyway, What should Ubisoft expect really? They've run their credit into the dirt with Wii owners with all their crappy games. People will only support you for so long. You promised Nintendo level quality. Please show me a single Ubisoft game that is on that level..Ubisoft has done Wii owners the wrong way for so long I am not evengoing to support them on PC or 360.

baum3248d ago

It's funny how Nintendo fanboys are such flip-flops, first they say 3rd party offerings are equally good, then they say they're not as good as Nintendo. Well, make up your mind, morons, because 3rd party developers "will only support you for so long".

Fierce Musashi3248d ago

Who said anything about third party titles in general? This is all on Ubisoft's head here.

ZoidsRaven3248d ago

Tell me who the hell said (on this article) that 3rd party offerings are equally as good as Nintendo's 1st party games? /:

And DON'T pick a post made after this one.
It would look so sad.

My deepest apologies, I forgot you like putting words in Wii owners mouths and then start calling them "Wii fanboys".

BTW: I'm still waiting for your reply in PMs explaining how "Wii fanboys say the darndest things". 7_7

Jamescagney3248d ago

If you like the Wii and say anything positive about it you are a Wii fanboy or a Wii apologist in baums eyes.

Smacktard3248d ago

Yeah, cause Ubisoft on the Wii is well-known for their quality mature products.

Note: Some Ubisoft games released in the part 6 months:

Imagine: Fashion Party
World Sports Party
Summer Sports 2: Island Sports Party
Knockout Party
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
Six Flags Fun Park
Cook Wars
Your Shape feat. JENNY MCCARTHY
Team Elimination Games
The Price is Right 2010
Family Feud 2010
Press Your Luck 2010
Just Dance
Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game
Vacation Sports

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Redempteur3248d ago

Sorry but i don't like how ubisoft is becoming ..

Sure they want to exploit the wii and ds market but .... it's NOT for me .

the rabbits don't make me laugh anymore ...

the first was good , the second ok ... but now it's ridiculous

Somnipotent3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

name one game that's not a nintendo first party property that did well on the wii... i really can't think of one off the bat. can you?

edit: thanks spoony.

SpoonyRedMage3248d ago

Sonic Unleashed. Over 1.1 million sales on the Wii and around 500K each for the PS3 and 360 version meaning the Wii version sold more than the HD versions put together.

Monster Hunter Tri. Best selling third party console game this gen in Japan, soon to be blown to smithereens by FFXIII though.

Red Steel. Absolute crap game, managed to sell over a million, definitely didn't deserve it.

Lego Star Wars. 2.89 million on the Wii, 1.33 mil on the 360 and 1.08 mil on the PS3.

Resident Evil 4: Wii edition. 1.64 million. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. 1.3 million.

BootHammer3248d ago

The Wii is just pathetic compared to previous Nintendo systems. No games, poor graphics but hey...they are still somehow making hand over fist b/c for some reason people love paying full price for mini-games, lol.

Nintendo has left a sour taste in my mouth with this this generations offerings.

ZoidsRaven3248d ago

When the Wii's life time is over, it will have more core titles then the GameCube or N64 did.
But by all means, where is my 2d NSMB game[s] on Nintendo's last two consoles?

If you are a old school gamer, or an arcade gamer. You really can't do wrong with the Wii.

But never mind facts, lets just keep up the "Nintendo isn't what they use to be" trend.

mastiffchild3248d ago

Other third party games have done OK as well Spoons-WaW must be well over 1.5million by now without ANY of the fanfare of the PS360 versions and as it started VERY slowly it shows something about the Wii market-things sell over time through word of mouth more than other consoles. It may also be because there relly are fewer QUALITY third party games for the console but to say there's none and those that there are just don't sell is way too simple an answer to a question with loads of facets.

Looks at a lot of the third party offerings for the Wii: CTYD-a VERY weak, watered down demi 360 port of DR. UC, DC-two lightgun games with RE on the boxes. Extraction-a lightgun game without RE on the box(sales accordingly for these three AND because noone knew about Extraction as EA seem to deny it's existence rather than promote it at all!). RE4 and Okami-great quality ports that sold, even in Okami's case better than you'd maybe expect-so why did Capcvom follow these with Remakes, CTYD, no SF and the afore mentioned lightgunners? Because they can get away with giving crap to Wii owners that PS360 owners wouldn't damn well buy either bt by keeping the games short, cheap, with low overheads anmd no script or new story they can yurnaround on LOW sales.

What happens when they put everything they would into a PS360 game into a Wii game? They make Tri and the quality and sales mirror the quality of the effort and budget. Seriously, would you by a lot of the supposedly great, mature Wii games if they came out on another platform? No , you wouldn't, so don't blame Wii owners fopr knowing a crap when they see one. Bad party games STILL appeal to newcomers to the Wii but poor "core" games with no demos, few ads and no trailers even on Ninty channel are NOT gonna sell to anyone. The failure of games like Madworld(way too expensive for something do dhort and lacking any replay or MP)or, say, Overkill(same as every other rail shooter on the Wii-no RE on the cover AND no replay value after short and repetitive campaign)or even Zack and Wiki(amazing game but totally misunderstood or ignored by people who NEVER had it advertised or explained to them -once!)are all down to different things which, imo, would also have harmed them on PS360 should they have happened there and the main issue they actually share is Ninty failing to provide anough support for 3rd parties with more demanding games to offer-if they don't support the nest two HVS games after the risks they've taken themselves in pushing Wii's mature envelope then I worry, I really do, whether they'll(ninty) ever get what other devs need from them.

Don't just blanket all Wii games as crap or Wii gamers as casual. The pronlems with mature games selling on the Wii is often way more to do with the games being either crappy or underexposed to begin with rather than any demographic issue. Sure, there's a more ready "core" market on the PS360 but to suggest GOOD quality thrid party titles won't sell on the console is plain wrong-it's just there haven't been too many that fit the bill in quality and advertising campaign terms, is there?

NMH managed to do pretty well with no coverage-Z&W, however , died a death from not being promoted-like extraction too-had that game also been priced correctly! Whatever, it's just more complex than u made ou Somni fella.

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