Fragile: Farewell Ruins to the Moon USA Date Slated

Rely on Horror writes: "Fragile is a strange little game. We've seen Survival-Horror games. We've seen Action-Horror games. However, this may be one of the first examples of a true RPG-Horror game. Already released in Japan by Namco Bandai, a company known for it's RPG's (most notably the "Tales of" Franchise), it is coming to America translated by XSEED on February 16th, 2010 for the Nintendo Wii.

Fragile follows the story of a young boy named Seto. Seto awakes one day to find that he and his grandfather are possibly the last living humans on the planet, everyone else just disappeared and spirits and demons have begun to haunt the land in their place. For two years Seto and his grandfather live together until his grandfather passes away. Seto takes the stories his grandfather would tell him of a red tower and goes to..."

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