VGAs mystery game revealed?

The Lost Gamer writes "Whilst Gametrailers may have just posted up mystery footage for an unannounced title set to be premiered at the upcoming Video Games Awards 2009, could we have identified it already?"


For those saying "It's not the Agent," tLG isn't saying it is - read the full article.

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Nambassa3270d ago

Well, it's definately either Agent or Stranglehold 2.
I'd say it's Stranglehold 2 though....

sinncross3270d ago

The game didn't have a very 80's feel to it, which is the same era as Agent.
So i'm with you on that, Stranglehold 2 most likely.

cranium3270d ago

When does Agent take place? For some reason I thought it was during the Cold War.

ABizzel13270d ago

I really need to get my game ideas developed. I have an idea that's similar to the concept if what they say is true.

HolyOrangeCows3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I'm thinking Stranglehold 2.

Persistantthug3270d ago

For some reason I just never really got around to playing much of it...almost none. It wasn't a bad game, I just haven't played it.

Now, I have a bit more incentive to play and beat it now. :)

Chubear3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

...It's Deus Ex 3 .. but I'm just pulling S* from my butt cause I know nothing.

DaTruth3270d ago

Yes it was a bad game! But for free, it can play.

Noctis Aftermath3269d ago

It can not be Agent, simple because it is meant to be an UNANNOUNCED game, Agent was announced already....

It is probably the black lotus game mentioned in the article or something completely new.

SolidAhmed3269d ago

because after i saw the trailer standing alone

i would say Agent for sure?????

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mrv3213270d ago

I agree it's looking FAR more likely like Stranglehold 2. I don't get the 80's feel plus Agent sounds like it's based in America, this looks like late 90's tokyo. I could be wrong. But Stranglehold 2 is my best guess.

Xpandemic3270d ago

The badge says "Hong Kong Police" so yea my best guess would be stronghold 2

Carl14123270d ago

I believe Agent is an "around the world" game based in many locations ;)

But yes this looks more like Stranglehold.

Ninji3270d ago

I guess we'll be seeing a trailer for Vampire Rain 2.


n Too Human 2, Halo , Banjo , Gears , DOAVB3 , Alan Wake , n something else that the xbox brand has to offer. On the other hand i can name alot of ps3 games but ppl usually do it for me with " Teh List " besides i h8 wall text

3270d ago
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