GP Interview with Left 4 Dead's Michael Booth

You are alone. You are left for dead. Read GamePro's exclusive interview with Michael Booth, founder of Turtle Rock Studios and creator of Left 4 Dead, a squad-based shooter that promises to turn the zombie genre on its head.

GP: Left 4 Dead is built around a four-player model. What can you do with four players that you can't do with just one?

MB: You can present them with challenges that can't be readily accomplished alone, but can be tackled if the group works together.
The archetypical case of this is the Prisoner's Dilemma - a very simple situation where two prisoners are accused of a serious crime and questioned separately. If both prisoners stay silent, they both get mild punishment

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TruthHurts4780d ago

this will be one of the best games on the 360.
i hope you guys pay attention to it.