Diehard GameFAN: Vegas Party Review (Wii)

Vegas Party is a game best endured with other people, but getting three others to play this when there are other, better party games to play on the Wii is a longshot. With graphics best described as "adequate" and a forgettable sound design, there isn't a lot of reason to come back and play this one again. More serious problems like long load times and unresponsive controls mean that you what happens in Vegas will be forgotten as quickly as possible. That's a shame, because the ideas behind Vegas Party point to a game that could have been much, much more enjoyable. The idea of a party game that takes place in Vegas and caters more to the adult crowd, or at least the young adult crowd, is a concept that bursts with value. Releasing nothing but a collection of gambling games would have been a better choice. Vegas Party isn't a safe bet, and odds are you won't have fun.

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