The Major Announcement .. Pac-Man Championship Edition

Yesterday GamingTalkHQ told you about the big announcement that would be announced today during the Pac-Man world championships. Well as GamingTalkHQ learned more yesterday it would be pac-man related and it would be another aspect. Well it appears it's not huge but if you love Pac-Man it's great news. A Exclusive Championship Edition of Pac-Man will be coming to the Xbox 360. The game is set for release June 6th for 800 microsoft points.


We Also learned that this game will count as this week's xbla release. So no Carcassonne this week!

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TruthHurts4785d ago

no one ever talk about Sony lying to their fans again. agreed?

Syko4785d ago

In fairness jackass they said it was Pac-Man related. How big could it really have been. Probably why dude toned down his statement after the fact also. New Pac-Man? I think I'll just keep playing Forza.

What game came out this week that you are playing TruthHurts?? Oh....Really, Motorstorm or Resistance.....

TruthHurts4785d ago

motorstorm online is amazing.
i`ve been playing GOW2 and Shadow Of The Colossus (great games).
B/C is a great thing.

maybe i`m not cool enough for playing Forza2, i`m just waiting for a real Next gen racing expierence called GT5.
and when i`m playing that i`ll ask you....... hows Forza?

we can all be rude to each other.

Syko4785d ago

I'll get back to you in 2035 then, And tell you how good Forza 10 is. =P

This was Aaron Greenberg's doing BTW. He is notorious for overhyping and under delivering. At least he can always go get a job at......

TruthHurts4785d ago

but i`ll get back to you in a few months.
good luck w/ that.

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Omega Kaze4785d ago

OMG MANNNN this is it! Its finaly coming! People will be talking about this for the next 100 years, they will be all. "Hey do you remember when the new Pac-man came out on the 360 in HD?" and they will be all "Not at all"... pretty sweet

blackmagic4785d ago

Well, the people that are at these championships have been playing the same maze for 26 years. The last major update they had was a red bow and name change to ms. pacman.

People need to take this news in context.

MK_Red4785d ago

So much for big announcement... A new Pac-man game, EXCLUSIVE to Xbox360.

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The story is too old to be commented.