Xbox 360 Fully Hacked for Homebrew

WorthPlaying writes, "The Xbox 360 has been in the news lately thanks to the mass banning of (depending on reports) up to a million modded consoles from Xbox Live. The consoles were prevented from accessing Xbox Live because users had modded the DVD drive firmware in order to allow the system to play pirated copies of software. Although attractive to those who prefer to steal their software rather than pay for it, the Xbox 360 DVD mod was technically unimpressive as it didn't actually bypass the core of the Xbox 360 security system. Until this morning, no one had."

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Syriel3244d ago

It'll be interesting to see what kinds of software (XBMC anyone?) develops from this.

glennc3244d ago

xbox live is where it is at these days, this won't have the impact the previous gen xbox modding had.