Cyber Monday 2009: Razer's randomized $1 sale

From Gamertell:

"Calling its sales page "Cyber Monday Mayhem), game peripherals maker Razer has as a random $1 Cyber Monday sale going on.

Throughout the day the site will be marking 300 items down to US$1. Yep, one single buckeroo. One American greenback.

The catch: The deals will be random and in limited supply."

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Mutley4163245d ago

I Love the Razer far very good-

thereapersson3245d ago

This is a couple days old. All the items have already been claimed, and this deal is now over with. Sad.... :(

IdleLeeSiuLung3245d ago

Why is it approved? Why is it on the front page?

That is why deals should not be approved here, because they are often limited time and sold out. Besides they aren't really "news".

LostCypher113245d ago

Ummm Yesterday Was Monday. someones late to the party

3245d ago