XBLS Exclusive Interview - Flying Squirrel Games

From Xbox LifeStyle:

"The XNA platform is a bold concept that Microsoft has pioneered to bring small indie titles to the Xbox 360. Flying Squirrel Games is one such indie developer, who created Banana Split, a 2D platforming title for the service. Xbox LifeStyle managed to interview Kieran Hall and Brett Eveleigh, creators of the game, to talk about its features, developing with XNA and the future of the pair of aspiring developers."

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LinuxGuru3270d ago

I love flying squirrels

doctorstrange3270d ago

Flying Squirrels are great, and I also love talking bananas

Trexman893270d ago

great interview. nice to see they are considering bringing games to the PSP

DoucheVader3270d ago

I have often wondered how difficult it is to convert stuff from XNA to PSP or PSN.

doctorstrange3270d ago

In their case, the biggest limiting factor is the actual cost of the dev kit