Mass Effect $5 on D2D

Direct2Drive has revealed its big cyber Monday discount its been teasing, offering BioWare's critically acclaimed RPG Mass Effect for only $5 for the next 12 hours.

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LinuxGuru3248d ago

jeez...anyone who missed this better spend the 5 dollars now lol

Madusha3248d ago

Wow, $5 for Mass Effect?! 0_0

Johnny_Cojones3248d ago

For some reason I can't get any orders to go through on D2D. I bought 2 games from them in the past with no trouble, but for several months I haven't been able to get an order through. Disappointing.

tdrules3248d ago

a very good game on PC, most things that were bad on 360 version (theres A LOT) has been fixed with some exceptions such as framerate issues (although its limited at 62fps so its not too bad), and the textures are awful still...

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