Moore Goes Off on Pac Man

Check out Peter Moore getting pissed off by Pac Man.

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PS360PCROCKS4566d ago

I cant believe I'm approving this's so lame, but whatever it's good for a laugh.

Sexius Maximus4566d ago

Peter Moore can act too. I actually thought he was angry at Pacman. Peter is multi talented.

Firewire4566d ago

I think Pac-Man would do a better job than Moore personally, and hey he's good with the chicks to!

Systematrix4566d ago

That's awesome. I gotta try that sometime. ;)

snoop_dizzle4566d ago

so i decided to.

Btw it wont give you extra points if thats what you're thinking.

But yeah, this video was pretty funny, i wish it was longer though.

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