Is The Holodeck The Holy Grail?

Edge: I really do believe that interactions with characters are going to be a huge big deal in the future of gaming, a revolution that will permanently change things.

I do not mean MMOs featuring new ways to communicate with real humans. Not cutscenes with superior rendering of facial expressions. Not dialogue trees with a kazillion branches. Instead, I mean the stuff I typically write about: some way to craft your relationship with an NPC with the same freedom you have when building your RTS base or attempting a combat tactic in an FPS. To arrive at moments between you and an AI character that are as wholly yours and unpredicted by the game's creator as your wildest GTA story.

Eventually, someone is going to get something right in an unprecedented way, totally nail a cultural nerve, and amass an enormous fortune, following which clones and evolutions will drive R&D further in that direction and beyond to nearby branches.

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koehler833341d ago

The replicator is the Holy Grail

TotalPS3Fanboy3341d ago

Jesus's decedents is the Holy Grail.

MetalGearRising3341d ago

Natal is the future.......get over it.

Aquarius3341d ago

The PS3 with its wands are going to win leaving no room for HYPTAL with its flopbox.
It's written in stone I've seen it.

H34RT 4TT4CK3341d ago

You've seen it? where? I'd like to see the proverbial writing in stone that you so praise when neither Natal nor the PS3 wand came out.

STFU fanboi.

1111113341d ago

How about somebody invents a little nifty thing called gameplay?
You know there are already great books and movies and such. And for people who like a taste of reality; get out your damn front door already!