Ubisoft developing 10 Natal, 4-5 Sony controller games

TVGB: "During their first-half 2009-10 results call today, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said the company has ten games in the works for Project Natal that will launch within six months of the peripheral's launch, and four to five titles for Sony's unnamed motion controller, and also said 70% of the games will be new intellectual properties."

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Alan Wake3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

hehehehehhehehehe such flop

Pshit 3 dildo motion controller lol


2-oj3338d ago

LOL! have fun swinging your arms & legs like a retarded monkey.

TheBlackSmoke3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

10 causal games for the natal 4-5 hardcore games for PS3's wand. Accuracy ftw, enjoy your raving rabbids fly swatting simulator.

Aquarius3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

But How many out of the 10 games for HYPTAL are shovelware? Let's just say 5 out of 10 are shovelware, shall we?

The 5 games mentioned for TripleAstation. Let's just say 1 is shovelware.

Who wins nooow?
HYPTAL will be buried in shovelware, that's a fact.

20-10 equals 10 good games

20-4 equals 16 good games

Who wins now bltch?

RobertieNL3338d ago

Haha u suck: "who wins now?"

According to u, 5 flops for xbox, 5 games remaining

1 flop for sony, 4 games remaining

Who wins now?

Man_of_the_year3336d ago

LOL you shouldn't use complex Math for those Sony Droids. They think that Sony being 6 million consoles behind MS and being in 3rd place means that Sony is in First...LOL

Funny how that idiot Aquarius thinks 4 non-flop games is greater than 5 non-flops....LOL and has the idiocy to say "who wins now b1tch" when it is clearly he how is the dumbass b1tch not being able to calculate simple Math.

RobertieNL3336d ago

+ 1 for the man of the year, the only one(of the eleven who red my reply+understood it) who is smart enough to see that droids are dumbasses

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Sevir043338d ago

but somehow i think these will be little games like what we have on PSN for the PS eye with few big games like Eyepet, and eye of judgement. it's funny because Sony is the only one using it's PSeye technology. while MS comes out with practically the same thing and suddenly all the devs flock to it like it's new... LOL!!!

well it's nice to see the industry moving forward to bring new game experiences. I'd like to see these PSsphere and Natal Games. because i'm almost sure this will be gimick wii like shovel ware made for quick money...

Xi3338d ago

natal and the pseye are nothing alike. How many times have developers and journalists said this already? Why do people still keep on spreading this fud?

RememberThe3573338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Even though Natal interests me I don't see how you could really develop a full game around it. I think these are just PSN and XBLA titles.

@Xi: They are similar enough to be compared. Both use motion control, both are highly accurate and they're both cameras and were made to track motion. Natal is basically an upgrade to the PSEye. You saying they're nothing alike proves you either don't know what your talking about or you just want Natal to be on a pedestal it has yet to earned.

@colonel179: I don't really have doubt Natal will be a hit a first, I just have to question it's long-term viability. What else can it do well beyond mini-games?

colonel1793338d ago

They could be mini games kind of like Wii Sport Resort or something like that. For all we know right now, Natal could end up being a very big hit, or a flop just like Tony Hawk Ride ended...

I am saying this, because, with Natal, I would imagine a Skateboarding game (for example) would be more or less controlled like Tony Hawk Ride did, and we all know how that turned out to be.... The same thing can be said about Sony's motion controls, if developers don't put an effort to bring innovative ways to play hardcore/classic games with this type of controllers, it could end up having a lot of shovelware like the wii...

So I think, we all have to wait and see until we get to play the games with Natal and PS Motion Controls to see how they are...

Perjoss3338d ago

they dont have to develop games around Natal, its another way to take control, all they have to do is have the option for it. On PC you can play games with keyboard and mouse or joypad. Just because a game will be playable with Natal does not mean Natal will be the main feature of that game.

gaffyh3338d ago

@Xi - Yes Natal and the PSEye are not the same in terms of hardware, but they are very similar in what they can do. At the end of the day, Natal is just a camera, although more advanced, but what's the use if it can't do anything more than the normal PSEye?

The only real thing Natal is adding is the ability to track multiple people at the same time, because Sony have said that they can do voice and facial recognition to a certain extent already.

TheBlackSmoke3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Consider an average hardcore game takes about 2-3 years to make and yet ubisoft will have 10 for the you 360 fanboys REALLY believe ubisoft are making you 10 hardcore games exclusively for natal?, lmao get real and accept its casual shovelware which is all natal will be good for.

ABizzel13338d ago

I'm not sure what to believe about NATAL. Here's hoping that these games aren't just XBL type games (which are fine, but I want a NATAL experience not the 360's version of Wii Sports).

deadreckoning6663338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

"one thing i've noticed is that ps3 fans talk more about Natal than 360 fans do. 360 fans just wait patiently for their cool new toy but ps3 fans feel the need to attack it or say how they dont care about it. If you really dont care about it then stop making comments about it :)"

U pretty much summed up what I was about ta say LOL. Perjoss have you also noticed how they say Natal will "ruin" gaming? Why are they so worried about it? No one is forcing them to buy it.

"quality over quantity."

Yeah, because you've already played ALL those Natal and Sony games already to know their quality right? /sarcasm At this point, idk if I'm buying EITHER of the motion controllers, but I find the prospect of gaming with no buttons very intriguing. For now, I already have money saved for the Natal bundle when it comes out. If it turns out to suck, then ill buy the wands.

The Lazy One3338d ago

Natal has hardware on board to calculate a user's skeleton and translate it to a bone structure for a model usable in game. That is a pretty huge improvement for developers. Instead of having to write all the code themselves all they have to do is write in something like leftHand.getLoc(); to get the location of the left hand.

It also senses in 3d space rather than approximating 3d space with a 2d image.

You can approximate 3d space with any 3d camera and software. having a camera that actually detects 3d space is a significant improvement in accuracy and error prevention.

Asari Consort3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

Natal is nothing like PS3 EYE, PS3 eye detects 2D motion from a few points like, if you run your hand in front of it, it will track it. Sony "says" they will add other functions but can you really believe them they are in a huge panic because of Natal and will say anything.

The PS wand is nothing more than a Wiimote with more processing power behind it. Waving a Stick around is by no means on the same level as Natal that happens to track multiple full-body skeleton in 3D at once.

PS3 fanboys saying some hardware is the same or came from the same origins is no different from saying a Model T is the same as an Bugatti Veyron because they both have tires, engines and drive train.

Natal has
-gesture tech-
-full 3D telescopic low light infrared tracking
-facial recognition-
-voice recognition software-
-tracks multiple full skeletons at once or just objects and points-
-on board software and xbl dashbaord integration-

What PS3 eye has is Wiimote characteristics with a bunch of desperate claims from Sony saying that they will be able to match the the other guys.

sikbeta3338d ago

This is JUST stupid, why develop games on natal/sphere(whatever), just add an OPTION to the game in order to play with those features


Asari Consort3338d ago

Nah, I would say smash hit less risk(more) over flop and waste of investment(less).

IdleLeeSiuLung3338d ago

Seeing as how 3rd party games just doesn't sell on the Wii at all. Then again, Sony and especially MS has a lot stronger 3rd party sales.

ActionBastard3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

"...adding that about 70 percent of that planned slate will be comprised of new IP, and most of those titles will be "casual games."

And this is a big deal, why?

EDIT: An influx of casual Ubisoft games, regardless of platform, doesn't excite me. @ below: None of those games would even remotely be enjoyable if the were Natal controlled. Hell, Wiimote or Sphere controlled too. Also, this is Ubisoft...Raving Rabbids Natal and Petz HD here we come.

Asari Consort3338d ago

It's not a big deal if you're hating on it.

LBP, Ratchet & clank, Banjo Kazooie, Mario, Bad furr day are all casual games, I don't understand your point. Casual is the best way to go considering, this is the reason for the devices, winning over the casuals that make up most of the market is the motive.

Christopher3338d ago

Much like the Wii and Nintendo DS, Ubisoft will try to dominate from a third-party perspective the casual market on all consoles. I see Petz coming to Natal straight from Nintendo DS with upgraded graphics. Rayman Raving Rabbits from PS2 and Wii. Fitness Coach for Natal from Wii. Imagine from DS.

I do not see any of their traditional hardcore games making the transition on either platform.

Apocalypse Shadow3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

they are not THAT has it built in.the other has to be programmed for it.and would approximate almost everything except the feet.

you are still playing a 3D game on a 2D screen.natal is not some holodech technology that trumps everything the eye can do.

ps3 facial 3D camera here

ps3 voice recognition

camera interaction

gesture commands(1:56 seconds into the video)

and for your seeing in the dark,how come peter is making excuses on the lighting?i thought natal could see in low light conditions?

at the beginning,peter says,"the lighting is not right.and further into the video,they are copying eyepet with picture taking.

one does it better because it doesn't have to be programmed.but the wand will equalize almost all of what natal can's still 3D games playing on a 2D screen(tv).

EDIT:all sony is trying to do is give gamers what they put in the target concept trailer.all microsoft is trying to do is beat them to it.

The Lazy One3338d ago

You are misunderstanding. Natal does almost all of that on board. It doesn't use any or much of the 360's hardware to do any of this stuff. The PSEye can approximate it just fine, but it has to do all the calculations on the PS3.

"they are not THAT has it built in.the other has to be programmed for it."

this is also a huge understatement. You may as well say a pile of car parts isn't that different from a car because one is made and one has to be made.

Asari Consort3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

No link for multiple fullbody motion tracking?

Where is the gesture tech giving specific commands? All I seen where the PSeye tracking movement from a point and triggering animations because of rapid movement from one point.

Facial recognition looks like powerful software using PSeye to see but where is the console product? It's like saying LOOK WHAT 360 CAN DO! because the 360 controller is hooked up to a powerful PC.

reintype3338d ago

So I'm guessing, that the 4-5 titles for the PS3 SPHERE are composed of WII PORTS or CORE TITLES with optional Motion Controls, while NATAL's 10 will probably be XBLA games.

HolyOrangeCows3338d ago

The development time for Eye Toy type games is obviously going to shorter than development time on complex games using a controller.

Apocalypse Shadow3338d ago

and that the pseye has to have it programmed.but that still doesn't mean that pseye can't approximate most of natal's future games.

and ASARI,don't lie to yourself,the link i posted had no rapid gesture movemment.he waved his hand,it moved.just like at E3,microsoft's demo was the same speed of waving.see here:

natal E3 presentation(1:31 seconds in)

i see kudo doing the same rapid movement of his different than this right here

(same 1:56 seconds in)

you guys are trying to see more advanced things than there actually is. but i'm showing you it's not that different or far just has it all built in.the other has to be programmed.

Asari Consort3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

It's not in the same league dude give it up. has more videos if you like to see them. Sony needs a working product not PC software with PS3 slapped on showing live development kits stage demos.

RememberThe3573338d ago

There is no doubt that Natal is more advanced then the PSEye. What was being debated is the legitimacy of compareing the two. One being more advanced than the other does not void a comparison of the two.

IdleLeeSiuLung3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

For starters:

a) Natal can only see monochrome in the dark so it can't distinguish colors well. However, this enables it to track your body in almost any light conditions.

b) Onboard processing of your body tracking means that the 360 doesn't have a performance penalty and can in theory be patched into any of the current games (not that this is necessarily good).

c) PS Eye is essentially a 2D camera, so yes anything Natal can do that only requires 2D plane the PS Eye can do. Anything 3D Natal can do, maybe just maybe the PS Eye can MIMIC with some form of software. It still doesn't change that a 3D camera is still superior.

d) The real strenght of the Natal is probably going to to be the API MS provides. If XNA is any indication, I think the SDK for Natal will make it fairly easy to harness Natal. Just the fact that Bones are provided for you, makes it so much easier to implement. Giving developers the proper tools is essential to creating a great experience.

e) The number of inputs from your body is far greater on Natal than let's say the Wii Mote or PS wand. This means additional accessories can be included or just use the controller (like Playstation does) to get rapid user input.

e) Because the PS Eye doesn't process the inputs in the camera itself, you can argue that 3rd parties (or Sony themselves) can develop more flexible software and not be constrained by somebody elses framework. Also, the performance of the PS3 will be affected since everything is processed by the PS3 itself.

The real importance of this isn't the fact that somebody has done it, but somebody that is able to make it mainstream and adopted by the public. We have seen numerous cases of this. After all the Wii wasn't the first with motion control, just the one that caught on!

I often see Natal lumped with PS Eye, but that is like comparing a black and white tube TV with the latest HDTV. They are both TVs, but clearly there is a significant difference.

cmrbe3338d ago

they will be mini games. There is no way on earth Ubi will develop 4 extra full fledge games exclusively for Natal knwoing that the x360 only has at best 32 million working x360 and even then the majority of them don't have Natal when they release these games.

Folks, use common sense. Ubi is a multi-publisher.

heroicjanitor3338d ago

"Natal is nothing like PS3 EYE, PS3 eye detects 2D motion from a few points like, if you run your hand in front of it, it will track it. Sony "says" they will add other functions but can you really believe them they are in a huge panic because of Natal and will say anything.

The PS wand is nothing more than a Wiimote with more processing power behind it. Waving a Stick around is by no means on the same level as Natal that happens to track multiple full-body skeleton in 3D at once. "

How hypocritical are you!? Natal is nothing like pseye but the ps3 wand is the exact same as the wiimote? I could easily say the ps wand is nothing like wiimote but natal is just pseye with more processing power. All I know is the wand will be tracked far more accurately than natal will track your hand for things like golf(and I'm hoping for a game which tells you what is wrong with your swing).

DaTruth3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

$50 million x 10 equals MS in a lot of money trouble! I'm sure these costs won't make it into their games division financial breakdown!

Tell me one thing from the MS conference Natal demo that interests you personally? That's what I thought; Absolutely nothing! Yet you guys have already decided you will like it!

Aside from Medieval combat game which Sony actually showed mechanics for, nothing in the PSwand excites me. The FPS portion of the demo is akin to NES light gun and duck hunt! And that is why no PS3 owner or fanboy is hyping it. But at least they showed one thing that could interest us, which is one more than Natal has shown you!

Really, what is wrong with you 360 owners/fanboys... and I say that because not one 360 owner on this site isn't hyping Natal to the sky!

diatom3338d ago

PS3 and x-box ports of Petz® Pony Beauty Pageant.. woohoo!

ArmrdChaos3337d ago

It's going to be a tad difficult for someone to FULLY use a gamepad AND wand at the same time...Natal won't have that problem. If fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of those Natal games may be games that were already in development that had some Natal features added to them...aka hybrid. Keep in mind they said within 6 months of launch (spring 2011) which would give some Devs about 2 years on their kits.

DaTruth3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

So you think having absolutely no controls would be better?

The amazing things you guys say!

Pulling your arms out of the equation will really screw Natal!

Sevir043337d ago

improvements in the tech include, full 3d motion detection, voice recognition and depth of field motion detection, better facial recognition over the eye toy, also being used in tandem with the PSsphere, for far more precise motion sensing and play abilty, with practically the same gesture technology as NATAL. so what the hell are you talking about.

Sony has been doing camera motion sensing since the PS2 era, and it's made strides with the PSeye. thats why big games like Eye Of Judgement and EYEPET exist on Sony's platform, The PSeye has shown with various tech demos on the PS blog that it can do just about everything MS is showing off with Natal, the only thing thats different is Sony is NOT making a big deal about it as MS is doing, ala Big Bucks Marketing. every year at E3 Sony has been showing things off for the PSeye. you should First get a PS3, then go get a PSeye, and use some of the games that are availible for it on the PSN and even on Disc EYE of Judgement is a perfect testiment of how well the eye tracks 3d movement and gesture recognition and this was shown and praised way back in 2007. EyePET is the next thing that shows strides in this technology this year. claping, drawing image scaning and voice recognition... Nothing new...

MS's Natal does have some more advance things like tracks multiple full skeletons at once or just objects and points- low light infared traction, thats neat. they built upon the eye toy/PSeye tech well so it's natural that their tech will be better, But only marginally. as for Sony, It's platform is ever changing and evoveling which is why you have something other technologies emerging to work in tandem with the PSeye and Firmware only unlock this power and further shows the interpolation of the PS platform.

The PSeye and Natal are far more similar than you believe.

Apocalypse Shadow3337d ago

you claim pseye is no different than the wiimote.but you can't wave your hand in front of the wii sensor and play games like what sony has with the eye.that shows bias towards microsoft and downplaying the has a dual strategy that will do most of what natal does and most of what the wiimote does or better.

just because natal is a separate unit doesn't mean it's some type of super camera.and it still doesn't work for most traditional games.

pseye has to be programmed.which means that ps3 will take a hit on processing.but you neglect that ps2 was doing hand gestures and games like lifeline and nfl gameday were doing voice commands last gen.the only difference is that microsoft wants to intergrate it into the dash.only difference.

watch as most of what natal will do will be replicated with pseye and the wand.but the funny thing is you have to wait to see you have no proof that it blows the eye away.sort of like saying 360 is more powerful than ps3.but ps3 is pumping out better graphics and games online at 256 gamers simultaneously.

tech specs is one thing.showing it is another.

vhero3337d ago

No doubt not all these games will be Natal only and will feature dual control systems. I think they are saying they will be adding the ability to use Natal to 10 future games instead of conventional controllers.

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Xeoset3338d ago

Natal is getting double the games that PSEye is getting? Guess that shows how unique the hardware is.

Can't wait to see what Ubi brings, but looking at what they've brought to the Wii I'm not expecting much. Then again, MS and Sony will probably have higher standards for this because they will both be pushing this front, unlike Nintendo.

NYC_Gamer3338d ago

Who cares?either way that market belongs to the Nintendo Wii...that gimmick called Project Natal with that emo looking named Milo wont change that....

TheBlackSmoke3338d ago

No it shows how easy it is to make a mini game collection compared to a hardcore title with real accurate controls.


Only because MS cant make there own games...

Perjoss3338d ago

one thing i've noticed is that ps3 fans talk more about Natal than 360 fans do. 360 fans just wait patiently for their cool new toy but ps3 fans feel the need to attack it or say how they dont care about it. If you really dont care about it then stop making comments about it :)

TheBlackSmoke3338d ago

Umm read the original comment and then say that again.

kneon3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

With no physical buttons or analog sticks you will have different types of inputs to the game. That means simpler games for the most part. Perhaps some fighting types games could work really well if done right but I don't see any shooters working well without real buttons available.

Since the Sony motion control has buttons (as does the Wii) then it should be possible to play any type of game using their control system. Therefore the games for their system can more easily go beyond simple casual games.

Natal is basically a much more accurate version of the PsEye that also supports multiple players and voice recognition. The Sony motion control is just a much more accurate version of the Wii motion control.

sikbeta3338d ago

YEP, they have not enough time...

Bashing PS3 related news, well everything related to Playstation, don't let them be concerned about natal

I don't want to attack natal, but It really piss me of when a M$ PR say Natal will replace remote controls like if it's the second coming of GOD an then xbox owners only say: "YES"

Not an OPINION or a discussion about it, just YES, while every time I read about an article related to the PS dildo-motion-controller, I'm not really GLAD about it

Xeoset3338d ago

What do you mean the Xbox 360 will be getting the worse games?

With the PS3's 'WiiMote' it'll mostly get the same games that will be releasing on the Wii. It's just too much of an easy opportunity.

With the Xbox 360's NATAL, there's nothing out there like it. The closest thing is the PSEye, but that doesn't have the technology to keep up with what NATAL can create.

It is undeniable.

DaTruth3338d ago

Must be nice to have the inside specs to both the PSeye and Natal!

Oh wait, you don't?

Kindly STFU then!

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Kal11383338d ago

I'm actually interested in both Natal and the Sony motion controller. I just have to see some games for them first and not stuff like paint and other mini games.

siyrobbo3338d ago

i'll probably get both when they launch, just for the novelty factor, much like the wii tho i cant imagine keeping either of them (sold my wii after a week)

3338d ago
Unicron3338d ago

And what of those who don't WANT goddamn motion controls on EITHER system?

wohoo3338d ago

they just won't buy either?

Solidus187-SCMilk3338d ago

but im interested to see what both sony and microsoft do with it. I doubt ill want to buy either but Id sooner add something on to my ps3 or 360 instead of buying a wii If I ever had the desire to play motion games.

Carl14123338d ago

I honestly hope they both flop worse than the NGage.

siyrobbo3338d ago

then dont buy them? i dont like madden or fifa games, so i dont buy them. its really simple, when you go to buy your games, and you see the box for natal and the box for sony wand, walk straight past them.

NoBias3338d ago

Ummm... Don't buy it.

No one is forcing ya, man. Let's ease off of the dramatics a little bit..

sikbeta3338d ago

If they give me OPTIONS I'm ok with that, but if for some reason I need to buy a crappy gimmicky thing, no thanks, move to the next game

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