Edge Time Extend: Gran Turismo

Edge: Put simply, this game was absolutely unimaginable a year before its release." So runs the comment in our 100 Most Significant Reviews special on Gran Turismo's ten out of ten score, and that ten has always provoked debate. Those for it agree there's no question that The Real Driving Simulator redefined the console racing game, ripping it from its arcade roots, and set a new standard for the breadth, fidelity and flexibility of game software that would – and still does – cause ripples way beyond its genre.

Those against argue that, despite its massive appeal, the almost fanatically obsessive approach it takes to its subject matter does make it an inaccessible mystery to many players; and that, unlike all the other tens, its mighty achievements have very little to do with traditionally good game design.

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FishCake9T43246d ago

Gran Turismo is simply racing perfection.

komp3246d ago

I am a PS3 fan and have been waiting got GT5 for what seems forever, however I couldnt care less what EDGE has to say on anything even if it praises the PS3.

Is it becoming fashionable now to support the PS3?

Crazyglues3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

GT5 is indeed racing perfection.

I think the reason some people don't get it is because they never really dug in deep and stay with it awhile, it's the type of game you have to really play over and over to understand it's perfection.

Me and my brothers have always had this challenge where we try to out do each others time on a track.. doing so forces you to get better and better at your racing skills, even if it's just by a few seconds..

The in-car view is amazing, I usually use the view where you see just the dials when trying to set my best time, but I love the in-car view as well, it's done really well.

This game will indeed set the bar on racing games.. and on an HDTV nothing and I mean nothing comes close to how amazing it looks...

They really have done an amazing job with the graphics and game-play.. if you were playing GT5p then you know how far they have come from Spec 1 to Spec III which was a huge game-play improvement... so I cant wait for the full game...

SuperStrokey11233246d ago

I think whats happened is the media has decided that because they no way to really come down on teh ps3 right now that they might as well talk nicely about it. But dont worry, if the ps3 doesnt win this holiday season we can be sure that the media will return to its old ways.

Greywulf3246d ago

I just clicked to see what edge was up to.. mainly, are they up to the same PS bashing.

But yeah, its fashionable now for the media at large to pretend in their "expert" opinion that the damn thing has been dead since launch.

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shazui1233246d ago

will be awesome. Check out GTPLANET.NET for any info. on gt5, n4g doesnt get a lot of the stuff they do. Looks amazing, 18-20 megapixel photo mode shots. 450,000 polygon in game cars. Night racing. Weather cycle confirmed is in the game atm (but theyre not sure whether itll be kept in final version, looks pretty certain they will though)

SuperStrokey11233246d ago

Kind of off topic but what will are you people expecting from GT5 for world wide sales when it comes out? What would be a flop?

Im thinking sales world wide will be around 1 million, maybe a touch more and less than 500k would be a "flop". This is just first month mind you so i could be wrong.

Redempteur3246d ago

i only expect ONE copy to find his way into my collection ..

The rest i really don't care ...

SuperStrokey11233246d ago

Really 4 million first month? Thats amazing numbers and would be imprssed with that.

Perkel3246d ago

hmm .. 4 mln of prologue buyers, looots of people who didn't want to buy gt5 prologue, lots of people who wait to buy ps3 just for gt5...

i say :

1st day :

japan : 600k-1mln
USA : 200k-500k
eu : 800k-1,5mln

1st weeak overal ~3-4 mln

overall : 14-17 mln till new ps4 will be out.

SuperStrokey11233246d ago

14-17 million so one for ever 2 ps3's out there? Thats just not going to happen. It will not be the best selling game this gen.

Maddens Raiders3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago ) have a lot to learn if you think the world's most popular racing game will muster up a measly 1 million sales first month (THAT would be a flop).

I mean no offense with this, as I must ask what is your age? The only reason I ask, is because I'm not sure how familiar you are with the overall sales of this franchise, its lineage & exquisite marque, and the absolute fever pitch that has been growing in the GT community waiting for this masterpiece to be fully realized on the PS3.

Noctis Aftermath3246d ago

I'll be conservative and say 2.5mil in its first month.

Don't underestimate The Real Driving Simulator.

rockleex3245d ago

14-17 million copies sold by the time the PS4 comes out.

SuperStrokey11233245d ago

Oh i could be wrong for sure, im just saying I doubt it will be the best selling game this gen and given how often games have label as "huge" sellers and only done a few hundred K has led me to be conservative in my predictions of game sales. I think 1.5 million month one world wide fits those categories. I could, and hope I am, be wrong but im not willing to bet on it... yet

rockleex3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Gran Turismo has always sold over 10 million copies each.


How many other series are guaranteed to do at least 10 million each iteration?


Don't expect it to do any different this time around.

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clarkdef3246d ago

I hope that GT5 doesn't just have a bunch of new cars. I prefer weeding through the older models that I have driven, and some of the classics that still have soul to them. Because GTP didn't have enough or any older cars etc R32 GTSt skyline, Cefiro, or older muscle

PirateThom3246d ago

If the GT PSP car list is anything to go by, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Redempteur3246d ago

oh don't worry if gt psp is any indication ..they really put a lot of differents cars in the game .. even useless cars that don't go over 45 mph ...

i think over 1000 cars is enough for you to find something for your tastes .

i'm already ready to transfer my data from psp to ps3

TheBlackSmoke3246d ago

"The Real Driving Simulator redefined the console racing game, ripping it from its arcade roots, and set a new standard for the breadth, fidelity and flexibility of game software that would – and still does – cause ripples way beyond its genre."

This is when you use words like Definitive.

Noctis Aftermath3245d ago

Whenever someone refers to Gran Turismo as "Definitive" i feel insulted for some reason, like since turn 10 used it, it just feels like the word isn't good enough to be used in the same sentence as Gran Turismo.... but hey maybe it's just me.

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