"The Tester" Coming To PSN

I've not heard of "The Tester" before,but this person has apparently spent "an amazing week" with 51 Minds, who I assume are the casting company behind the "upcoming reality show" which will run on the PlayStation Network next year.  It is, so the blog says, "a competition style show to find PlayStation's next video game tester."

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DaTruth3247d ago

I hate reality television! But this is one show even I would try to be in!

The_Devil_Hunter3247d ago

Oh yeah its my fried hes got cast to be on the show!!!!!!!

Stevo353246d ago

If I am thinking of the right show, there was a sign-up on PSN about 6 months ago for a reality show that took people and put them through crazy sh... stuff with long hours and the winner got a 1 year contract with some software company to test software. There was a job but also a nice little salary package involved. But, I'd rather get my money the old fashioned way... rob a bank. Name a job that has been around longer?