Pondering the chances of motion controls on Xbox 360...

2006 will be remembered as the year that motion control finally hit mainstream games (and a chunk of 2007 as well, if you live in Europe). Nintendo debuted its radical Wii control system at 2005's Tokyo Game Show, and Sony quickly followed Nintendo's lead with the unveiling of its own motion-sensitive controller at E3 2006.

In just six months almost six million Wii consoles have been sold worldwide, proving that waggle control isn't just a third-party fad anymore. The Xbox 360 however...

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TheXgamerLive4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I hate motion controls. I love the immersive feeling of rumble and the great feel of the Xbox 360 controller, but motion is a weak aspect of game play.

Think for a minute....when we play video games w/o motion, do we sit still with controller in hand?
NO! Were all over moving it from side to side, that would make for sh1T game play, based on merely getting into a game and squirming all around, that would cause you to maybe do sh1t that you didn't even mean to do. I'd get p1ssed easily.

No thanks:)

But, the Xbox 360 keypad that's coming out, I vote a big hell yeah with that one!!!

evilmark2204741d ago

yeah their just copying PS3 AND THE wii xbox 360 can do better then that

CyberSentinel4741d ago

Keep it about Hardcore Games.

Blind Lemmings, Waggle Is For Wiibles.