Microsoft Releases Free "Chrome Hounds" Prima Guide Game Walkthrough

"Lost in a particularly difficult level? Can't figure out how to beat that one boss? Wish you knew how to unlock that last character? Prima has you covered with guides for all your favorite Xbox titles. The world's leading publisher of official game guides and the exclusive guide publisher for Microsoft, Prima continues to dominate the field it created in 1990 by providing the highest quality game guides available. Get the best tips, maps, hints, and strategies from Prima's experts, and take your gaming further than you ever thought possible."

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USMChardcharger6170d ago

if anyone is still on the fence about this game, don't be. get it. it is fun. i was really worried after all the reviews and was not going to get it.
but after listening to the forums and how everyone loves it...i decided to give it a try and was very glad i did so.

yomommaplayvgswithme6161d ago (Edited 6161d ago )

man i do love this game ive had it for like two days got addicted beat almost everything but having trouble getting an s in defence specialist... but thats not the point terrific game! kinda bummed u only made a walkthrough for the easiest specialist though...